New Vise Has Arrived

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

    Nice! Love the Damascus steel. That should never wear. I thought I saw this vise on a couple of European forums some time back. That is just a thing of beauty.
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  2. S Fontinalis

    S Fontinalis Active Member

    Ekich (?sp). Beauty. i met the man himself last winter at IFTS. He gave me the run down on his bobbin and the vise. If i had the coin, i'd drop it on one

  3. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Damascus steel! Hmmm.... the India vise makers now have something to shoot for.

    Nice looking vise!!
  4. Olive bugger

    Olive bugger Active Member

    That was my thought also. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    Waaaaay out of my league. Good tying.

    Maybe I missed something over the years,
    like realizing that
    "A Pretty vice makes pretty flies!"

    That could be why my flies look like ducks.
  5. Steve Knapp

    Steve Knapp Beach Bum

    Absolutely amazing.
  6. riseform

    riseform Active Member

    Congratulations on the beautiful vise. Is your head spinning trying to figure out its first fly pattern?
  7. WonkyWapiti

    WonkyWapiti Member

    When I saw that case I thought Oh Boy this vise is gonna be special! That is beautiful.

    FLYTYER New Member

    Big E, I have been studing your work for some time now ,you are a master.
    Enjoy your new toy.
  9. Krusty

    Krusty Active Member

    Interesting how the announcement of the vise's initial ordering and eventual arrival had an amazing resemblance to a few twitches of a popper cast deep into the lily pads. The ol lunkers couldn't resist a closer look..then a taste...and the hook sunk home.

    Fortunately, for this ol lunker (and his well as domestic tranquility) this kind of popper is seldom found in my neck of the weeds.
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  10. Dottiesdad

    Dottiesdad Member

    Sweet mother of pearl ....
  11. NewTyer1

    NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

    What is the brand name of the vise?
  12. Patrick Gould

    Patrick Gould Active Member

    Perfect analogy. It had me chuckling for at least half an hour.
  13. Big E

    Big E Moderator Staff Member

    Damaseal made by Faruk Ekich
  14. cabezon

    cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

    That is a work of art, expensive art for the task, but so beautiful. Funny how the artistic, rarified side of this hobby (bamboo rods, silk lines, single-malt scotch, the damaseal vice, high-end waders) wars with the minimalist, functional side (mass-produced graphite rods, cheap lines, bud, a no-name $40 vice, old tennis shoes). I am sure that it will bring you pleasure. What is the first fly that you have tied with the new acquisition?

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  15. Daryle Holmstrom

    Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

    Better not be a Bloodworm
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  16. Big E

    Big E Moderator Staff Member

    Haven't tied a fly on it yet but am thinking of starting the vice on something I haven't done yet; spey flies. I've got something in mind that hopefully I can pull off.
  17. Dave Evans

    Dave Evans Active Member

    Could not agree more. To me it would be worth every penny, and by the way, those are not a bad set of matching bobbins either! That setup just wants me to tie a Lady Caroline or something similar.
  18. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Egg patterns. It's perfect for tying egg patterns... :D
  19. Richard Torres

    Richard Torres Active Member

    I did too along with the Law vise. Both of them are amazing tools!

    Eric we definitely know now how much committed you are...
    Nicely done!

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