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  1. Just an FYI: both Panasonic and Canon have recently updated their waterproof compacts. Panasonic has two of them, one more featured than the other (and more expensive). Canon's update is a complete redesign, more in line with the size/shape of the rest of the waterproof compacts out there.

    Some differences:

    • The upper Panny (TS-4) and the Canon are both 12 MPs, whereas the lower Panny (TS-20) is 16. More notably, the canon is using the BSI-CMOS style sensor, which should give it a little better low-light.

    • The TS-4 offers a manual mode instead of just scene modes; the canon doesn't.

    • The TS-4 has a wider range of long shutter speeds (60 seconds vs 15 seconds).

    • The Panny lens starts faster and ends slower (f3.3-5.9), the canon lens starts slower and ends faster (f3.9-f4.8).

    • The Both the Canon and the TS-4 offer 1080p movies. The Panny offers 60/30 fps for most resolutions. The Canon only offers 24 and then 30fps (for 1080 and 720), but it then also offers 120 and 240fps for the 640 and 320 resolutions. The Panny has a time-lapse movie option, amongst other things. Looks like they both offer a "miniature" movie mode.

    • The LCD on the back of the Canon is twice the resolution of the Panny.

    • The Canon GPS offers a logger function, apparently to track routes. The Panny offers altimeter and compass.

    While I'd like a mix of the two, either way, it's a good time to be in the market for a compact waterproof. :)
  2. nikon has a new one also
  3. I don't think the D800 is waterproof. Or compact. :)

    Looks like pentax's new ones came out today too. I had one of their early ones and vowed to never own another one. I switched to a Panny TS1 and really like it, with some exceptions. I'll be curious to see if any improvements have happened in later models. The new canon is tempting since they've gotten the size down. I'll have to see what I can find out about the lenses (my panny starts to seriously degrade about half-way through the zoom) and battery life. Well, actually, something needs to happen to the camera to motivate me to bother upgrading. :)
  4. well your thread is talking about "new waterproof compacts" and i merely pointed out the nikon has a new or maybe i should have said "newer" (sorry if it didnt come to the market yesterday)
  5. I'm not trying to be a dick about it, and yes, there are a whole slew of them that are "newer." Though in compact camera years, 6 months is often half the life span from the big makers like Panasonic, Olympus, and Pentax, Nikon, Canon, etc.,--they often do yearly updates. The good news is that the cameras do drop in price over those 12 months. This is, in fact, one of the driving factors behind constantly refreshing them--they get relisted at full MSRP.

    And really, many of the updates aren't that needed. Going from 12 to 16 megapixels for cameras of this image quality is a pretty useless step, for example. On the other hand, if someone really wants more video options, these recent ones offer that.
  6. Let me start by saying I am a total camera dummy. Bear with me...

    I would like to get a digital waterproof camera this year. It would also be replacing our family Canon (6mp - hard to believe it is only 5 years old) for general duty. Can anyone dumb down for me some info on whether the Canon referenced in the thread powers up and snaps photos "fast?" My pet peeve is having to press the power button, then once the camera is ready having a lag between the time i press the button and the time the photo is taken.
    Again, any help would be appreciated. Excuse the lack of knowledge, but if you think that is bad, you should see my picture-taking skills.
  7. Brian,
    What you are referencing is shutter lag or delay. It's inherent in small point & shoot digital cameras. Some are better than others, but they all have it. Otherwise, you'd see the pro sports photographers using the P&S instead of the full sized Canon & Nikins. you'll have to research them on sites that have a comprehensive review like the following:
    FYI- new Olympus TG-1 just come out, looks sweet.
  8. thanks for asking........ I too am a camera dummy.
  9. Next to no shutter lag is what has me attracted to the Nikon AW100. I think that was the one.
    My friend handed it to me to snap a picture real quick and the lack of shutter lag totally caught me off guard.
    That's been the biggest turn off for me with the smaller camera. Just need to find the funds.
  10. BTW: The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 runs second -- not too far back but noticeably less friendly than the Pentax (a little smaller/more compact -- but that also made the buttons harder to handle for guys with large hands).
  11. I ended up getting a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 at a very good price due to the release of the TS4. I've been pretty happy with it. The only complaint I have so far is that it seems like it takes forever for the GPS to kick in. Seems somewhat easy to use as I was able to set it up without having to read the instructions.

    I was at Costco two weeks ago and saw that they carry the Nikon AW100.
  12. If I get a chance in the next couple days I will look into them some more (the new entries), but it may have to wait till next week. I had an early pentax waterproof, and I will never forgive them for it. At the time there weren't any other options, if I remember correctly. But after a couple years with that POS I will probably never touch another Pentax thing in my life. Sorry, but it really was that bad. Then. I have no idea how they are now. That said, all the reviews of read of all the cameras over the years hasn't lead me to believe that they're really that great.

    I'm a fan of canon compacts, but their first one was to large and too under-featured to be a serious fishing camera. The nikon looks fine, but I haven't used it. (really, just looks a lot like the Panisonics.) The whole "tapping" bit seems gimmicky, but again, maybe it works. I have a Panny TS-1, and I've really enjoyed it, but it does have some serious flaws. I don't know if they've fixed those in the TS3/4 or not. (I think I can track down a TS-3 and play with it for a day or two.)

    Shutter lag is going to be tough to compare unless you can try them all. Sounds like Dan and Siski have had a chance.

    If you plan on using the GPS functions (which is to say, leaving them on all the time), plan on buying a spare battery or two or three. They really do suck down the juice. However I do want a camera with that feature, I guess, just because. Not that I don't usually know where I am, but I'd also rather not have to think about it or try to remember later.

    Let's see if this link works
  13. I got a Sony TX5 a couple of years ago. Fantastic waterproof camera. Currently TX10 or TX20 is the model available. my next camera will be a sony too. Simple form factor, i hang it around my neck with the camera held in a pocket or attached case. Pull it out, pop the lens cover down, and shoot, all one handed if need be (e.g. rod on other hand).

    The choice of settings can have a huge effect on the observed lag. If I am in full "intelligent" automatic, the camera looks for faces to recognize and tries to figure out all kinds of other things before releasing the shutter. Changing to P, programmed automatic mode, makes a huge difference in getting a faster shutter release.

  14. I haven't included the a Sony yet. I I have a tendency to hate Sony for perpetually trying to foist proprietary memory and/or connection formats on users. And, I've had 3-4 Sony products break over the last decade. I just sort of lost my enthusiasm for them. But maybe I'll get around to adding one of theirs.

    Please note: at the bottom is a "sheet1" and "sheet2" If you click on sheet 2 you'll see a bunch of written notes.
  15. After having read all of this.....I am now just as unsure as before on which is best choice. On the other hand, any camera I get will be an upgrade over my current point and shoot camera (my phone - apologies to all the good photographers cringing when they hear that). I don't carry any camera when I fish, though I'd be tempted to do it with a waterproof point/shoot I think.

    I went to a camera store and did some playing with the nikon, canon and olympus. Still need to try Panasonic, pentax and a sony if I can lay hands on one. I have had good luck with Panasonic as a brand in the past though I've never owned a Panasonic camera.

    I did ask the shop guy about GPS and battery life and he says it sucks the life out of any of them. He suggested toggling it off until you actually want to take a shot and then turning it on just for the shot. Not sure how practical that would be.

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