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  1. Yes! Here a couple shots. I'm no photographer or master of lighting though so these may not be the best representation of the camera's ability.

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  2. but how is the refresh time to take more pics? how is the fast photo snap feature? have you played around with attaching lens? i have a pentax ad looking for something different
  3. The TG-1 IHS has gotten some real good reviews recently and while the buzz says lens could be sharper, TD's pics are Great! Sometime back I'd read an article about the Pentax WD60 where a kayaker had tacked on then epoxy sealed an adapter ring so he could install a circular polarizer over the lens. I ordered my Canon D10 based on the reviews at the time and the possibility to do a similar mod because of the lens configuration, that just didn't seem practical after got my hands on the camera because of its already bulky profile. I see the slimmer TG-1 IHS has an optional adapter to support 40.5mm filters and conversion lenses; Cool! The ability to use filters is great but carrying around extra lenses to augment the slightly narrow focal length range would be a PITA. As I recall focal length was a drawback of the Canon D10 to it's best contemporaries but I don't find it an issue. Tempting...
  4. Lets see if I can provide some feedback. 1) Refresh time is much quicker if you turn off the LCD Screen. Otherwise it is a bit slow at times. It is really slow if you use the battery save option where the LCD screen turns off after a few seconds and then turns on if you touch anything. 2) I've used the fast snap feature only a couple of times for pictures of the kids soccer games. It works well if you can get close enough. You obviously aren't going to see the sweat on their brows across the field. Here is a couple shots with the fast snap feature. Sorry I don't have the complete series, I only kept the one I was after. I think with practice I could keep the subject in better focus (notice the feet area). The soccer one was not as fast a moving target and you can see the difference in clarity. 3) I intend to start playing with attaching lenses because I would like to use a polarized lens for Saltwater fishing and stillwater situations.

    If you are looking for a camera to take a lot of fast action photos you will want to get input from someone else. I usually tend to use a camera for still shots.

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  6. I second that
  7. Here are a few informational sites related to this:

    waterproof camera

    Recently I upgraded from the TS2 to the TS4. Photo quality as you may already know is very similar between the TS3 & TS4.
  8. BTW, both Panasonic and Olympus have announced new waterproof/"tough" cameras, including their top of the line models. They are in many ways retreads of the previous models, but there are some differences and improvements. Fuji also has a new one out, but it doesn't appear to have the same feature sets and is more in competition with lower models.

    The biggest thing that caught my eye was the 600K OLED screen on the olympus. If done right this should maker it more visible in bright light and use less juice while doing it. They also added GPS if you want that feature available. The Panny switched to a CMOS sensor which has to help IQ some, and they've doubled the LCD resolution. They've added WiFi and NFC...great for social media and sharing, but doesn't do darn thing for picture taking. :-( Otherwise the Panny appears to be pretty much identical to its predecessor.

    If you're in the market, most of these will hit shelves in March. In the meanwhile look for some screaming deals on the existing models as we approach spring.
  9. I tried many different "shirt pocket" point and shoot field cameras and the one I prefer is the Lumix TS3. Which is a surprise because normally I only buy Nikon or Canon. A professional outdoor photographer put me onto the Panasonic. I was skeptical, but for a company that made its name with audio equipment, the Lumix is tops for me. I think the Leica lens makes a huge difference in photo quality.

    I never use the GPS function so that isn't a consideration. I guess I might if I was fishing a large lake and wanted to know exactly where I was when catching the larger trout. So far, that situation has not occurred.

    I primarily wanted a waterproof and shockproof camera because I'm hell on cameras when fishing... and normally, I always carry one. I can't tell you how many film cameras I killed over the years by dropping them in the water or on a rocky shore.
  10. I have a Panny TS1 that I've used for the last 3(?) years. It's served me well and is still going strong. I came from one of the early pentax optio waterproof models and the Panny was a considerable upgrade in most every way imaginable. But the lens in it is really a dud at just about anything other than wide angle. The specs in the future models have remained the same, and I'd be curious if they've physically changed it since the TS1. And, it's still dog-slow. The fact that the Olympus model starts at f2 and stays roughly a stop faster through the entire range might be enough to for me to switch. :) Hopefully that new Oly OLED screen lives up to the specs.
  11. I just found this forum. Uncle Sam gave me a nice chunk of money and I just spent some of it. I just ordered a Pentax Waterproof Digital Camera. It's a Pentax Optio WG-1. $166.00.

    I have other Digital cameras, but I need one that is a little more rugged. The last Digital I had when I lived in Washington went swimming in the Yakima river. I fished it out and it still works. I just don't need for my others to join it. This new one does it all.

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