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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by triploidjunkie, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. triploidjunkie

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    We're staying on the beach near Lincoln city, Or. For a few days. Any saltwater options from the beach? I haven't done much research, but I figure someone here knows a thing or two. Pm's welcome if anything is touchy. I know srcs are available, and are a species I would love to touch, but I really want to fish the salt. I know I may be asking too much, but our cabin is right on the beach. Is it even a viable option too beach cast, or should I concentrate on the nearby river mouth?
    Jeez, listen to me!!! I sound like a schoolgirl on the way to her first prom!!
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    I don't have any fishing info, but just because your friends may drink, doesn't mean you have to. And if they do, don't drink and drive, call me and I will come get you, no questions asked. Please be home by midnight, I don't want you out till all hours of the night.
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    A little humor in the morning is good. Thanks guys
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    Wear the pink dress, it slims you the best of all the choices!
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  5. enlightened

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    Nothing?????? No info??????? We are leaving, rods in hand anyway;)
  6. Gary Knowels

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    I would assume that the SRC in teh salt wouldn't be an option. Cutthroat that has access to the open ocean usually run miles off shore. You might get lucky if there is a protected harbor or bay estuary that they can hang out in year round.

    I did read somewhere of surf perch fly fishing on Oregon beaches, but I don't remember where I read it or the details.
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  7. Jim B

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  8. zen leecher aka bill w

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    should be a fair amount of surf perch in the breaker areas. Maybe a chance for rockfish around rocks.... just a thought. I fished for surfperch down around Yachats years ago but didn't hook any. The waves do wash the sand out from under your feet though.
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    I hit the salt water people too:) different choices! Love this place.
  10. enlightened

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    Thank you!!!!
  11. Luke77

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    Was just down there last week, had great weather, so I hope it holds out for you as well. I saw a few guys throwing clam necks and pyramid weights in the surf and picked up a few perch, but I'm not sure about any fly fishing. Might check the regs on the Siletz...should be some salmon coming up.
  12. wadin' boot

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    Get David James Duncan's "The River Why" on audiobook, listen to it on the way there- I think that is set around there and probably the best flyfishing fiction I've seen
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    Good book, terrible movie.
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    Everything will be all fine as long as you keep the sand out of your shorts
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