NFR: And now wolves in the Teanaway drainage

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lugan, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Hmm,... Derek, you may have a point there. :hmmm:\

    Maybe it's not the wolves eating people.....maybe it is Bigfoot. :ray1:
  2. I think the human population numbers and our current rate of escapement can withstand a little predation. Besides, we're talkin' mostly eastsiders here anyway...:)
  3. Doh! You're killing me!

    Maybe we taste better, huh?
  4. Maybe not, Dave. These were headed west from northern Idaho . . .


    maybe not, Dave.
  5. Yeah Jim, I saw those just the other day again. If you super impose the picture, you'll notice they have a Starbucks gift card in their teeth.

    Apparently, these are the ones that like a good latte' after a meal.
  6. Now we're talkin'! :thumb:
  7. Hoo boy... well, this is one East-sider who will be switching out my straw house for a brick one very soon!
  8. I saw a few on calved Teanaway iceflows. They did not mess with me. I did not mess with them.

  9. What? Tenkara fishermen?

    The Horror...
  10. Enjoy that beverage Thomas!
  11. We have a new guy down the street, an "artiste" from Santa Barbara, who decided it was the eco-friendly thing to do, building a straw bale house here in snow country. That was last year, and he & his contractors are still workin` on it... apparently they had "mouse" issues this past fall (can't imagine why??). It's an eyesore, and he hasn't learned yet that you can't park your car on the street in the winter here since they actually have plenty of that cold, white stuff here. So, you can direct all those big bad wolves to his place-should be a pushover!:rofl:
  12. Wolves DO kill for the sport of it and many times eat little of their kill.
    This is well substianted and they are very simmilar to Mink.
    They kill for the 'training' or 'thrill' however you want to look at it.
    Citiots cant help they have been taught by like minded individuals that have the 'Disney' idea that the Wolves and bunnies and deer all sit in a circle talking to each other....
    'Wisdom' and 'Knowledge' ARE two seperate things in life.....
  13. We were hunting Elk during modern season in the manashtash are and saw FRESH Wolf misstaking them....

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