NFR: And now wolves in the Teanaway drainage

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  1. quick, get yur wep-pons, we is all headed for yellowstone country to shoot us some b'ars, heard one got a human, time fur revenge...........
  2. Ya, let's make light of the fact that a guy was just mauled and killed by a bear in Yellowstone. Very tacky!
  3. the irony of it all bitterroot. any time an apex predator is involved, the knee jerk from the jerks is kill'um all. in reality, its most likely a small number or ranchers who may be impacted. you know the ones who figure they can free range their stock on land owned by you and me at next to no cost. the same ones for whom mitigation already exists. just another loop hole tax break for a few that the wolves, bears and who knows what else, will help to close, only seems fair.

    and the guy in yellowstone? when you enter the domain of any apex predator, you need to assume the risks. same with my friend who was mauled by a brownie while fishing for salmon in AK. then of course, the guy in the ONP who died from being gored by a mountain goat. yah just never know now do'yah bitterroot.
  4. Yep, ya never know. Still no reason to make light of a tragic situation for that man and his family. I stand by my earlier comment...tacky.
  5. Hey thanks for the heads up, now I don't have to drive to enumclaw, hope they have a goat roping event!!!!
  6. When can we talk about cougars again? That was a more visually-enticing topic IMO.
  7. You asked for it...:rofl:
  8. Evidence of sheep fetishes among WFF membership reaches back to 2003. This is from the aptly-named "Hoh" event that year:

  9. Of course the unbiased Seattle Times would never have a political agenda

    No hunting allowed in ONP just like Yellowstone. So introduce wolves their numbers will escalate and kill 80% of the elk herd and moose just like in Yellowstone and start spreading to other parts of the state. How can you introduce a predator like the wolf with NO management plan??

    Many on here have alluded to returning the West to a natural state before man and ending hunting. Let the apex predators ( wolves, bear, cats) control the pops of elk deer, moose sheep. How many of you are for returning rivers and lakes to their natural states and banning the fishing for native trout , salmon and steelhead?
  10. the vast majority of the elk killed by wolves are not even eaten, they are like gangsters out thrill killing. only in this case they are protected and celebrated for it. i wont hesitate to triple S.
  11. Well, I don't believe wolves kill for the fun of it. They kill to eat for khrist sake. There were no wolves in the pictures of the carcasses that were posted on here because there were humans nearby. Quite simple to me. I'm sure they wandered back to feed on the carcasses later. Man is probably the only thing that kills for the fun of it, such as back in the day in shooting buffalo from trains. I think I saw a sports program some time ago where guys were shooting birds for fun. I think it may have been down in Argentina. It wouldn't surprise me to see a small cattle rancher lose some stock in the Teanaway in the future. You can bet they'll be targeting the wolves then.

  12. geez, the times is a right leaning news rag that used to be counterbalance by the PI. 80% of the elk herd in yellowstone has been killed by wolves??? that is truely amazing, where the link so i can read it in detail??
  13. I agree, at least mostly. I think nature reclaiming a foothold is great. What that evolves to is yet to be seen.

    Lugan is actually looking for a rideshare.

    Only if you include pictures, lots of pictures.

    Management programs often spring up, officially or not. As the cattle are targeted and fall to the wolves I'm sure there will be wolves in the crosshairs. Many animals kill, eat some, then retreat. Some bury their kill, bears have been known to do this frequently. Others take a rest in a position of overlook where their kill can still be monitored and defended.

    We saw a bison kill in Yellowstone, right next to a long and somewhat isolated boardwalk trail. Adventure over here kids, we got the F out of there and reported the kill to the next Ranger we saw. Evidence around the kill did not suggest wolves though, so yet again I drift off topic.
  14. I never said anyone said I was a Knuckle dragger,I know my position on the social totem pole, that said I will admit to enjoying playing the devils advocate & i'm not a liberal even thou I enjoy a spirited argument.

  15. Yes, it's called carrion....and it to is part of nature and serves a purpose.


    From the extremely right wing rag Bush Cheny Palin tourist site Explore the Bitteroot

    Other studies put the herd down to 80%

    Yes wolves do kill in mass and leave carcasses. If you walk or fish away from parking lots you might witness this. Wolves they do not bury their prey like a bear or cat.

    Porter :When the tribes net salmon and steelhead and throw the rotting carcasses in the ditch on the Yak reservation because they do not get around to processiing them it is considered carrion and serves a purpose I guess. The flies need to eat too
  17. True.
  18. this thread is giving me a headache

  19. here is the nub of this questionable set of numbers:

    "...The well documented decline of the Bitterroot elk herd is costing the Bitterroot Valley millions of dollars in lost revenue. Big game hunting brings in a reported $33 million annually to the Bitterroot Valley. Hunter numbers declined about 36% in 2010 from 2009 at the Darby Check Station. That is a potential loss to the local economy of about $10 million. Can we really afford economic losses like this in an area with minimal economic opportunities..."

    what is not mentioned is that trying to balance elk herd size with carrying capacity of the land along with wolf pack size and availability of food source. there is no doubt that the size of the elk herds in yellowstone had upset the natural balance of the park. wolf packs are reducing those numbers, i still question the number however given the above quote, and what all of us are seeing is stream side vegatation coming back and fewer elk to be seen. apparently the complacent elk have been harvested and those remaining have learned the lesson that there is an apex predator around looking for dinner. thats how all of this works.
  20. F the Wolves. I heard they use beads anyway.

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