NFR: Crane Fly Invasion?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by Steve Unwin, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Has anybody else been experiencing higher than usual levels of Crane Fly activity? I live in Edmonds (WA) and I have been seeing tons of them, and much bigger than in past years. Any ideas why that might be?
  2. Some craneflies larva live in streams. It's worth tying an imitation of them. I tied up a couple based off of Sawyer's "ugly bug" pattern.
  3. These ones seem to live in my garden beds. The other day I was watching them hatch out of the ground. It was sort of cool, except that these ones like to hang out in my house.

    I don't tie at this point but I'll store that for the future.
  4. There's a granule form bug killer that works well on craneflies. I used to use it in Kirkland and also need it over here in Moses Lake.

    Other than that invest in lots of starlings. They seem to pick thru the grass just a tad past the crack of dawn. Doesn't cut down on too many craneflies though.
  5. Anti-team:

    I hadn't thought about it before, but yes. More than I remember, and larger. Mild spring?
  6. Must be something like that. They seem to be getting bigger; I saw one the other night that must have been 2+ inch, and at least 3/4" just in the body.

    Moths too... Huge and prolific.
  7. Here on S. Whidbey the crane flies are just hitting their stride but the moths are everywhere. I took out all the tent caterpillers I could find (30) but obviously I missed a bunch of them!
  8. Here's a cranefly larva imitation. The pattern is Frank Sawyer's Killer Bug.

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  9. This one's just fer lookin' at
  10. Ill take crane flies over all the damn moles i have. lol Hmmmm, a mole pattern...... :)
  11. fly punk-

    Ha. The moles are probably attracted to crane fly larvae. So, if you get rid of the crane fly larvae, then the moles may not be such a problem. ;)
  12. You're right.......but a Mole pattern would still be really cool to try and tie. :)
    Or do i sense a new sport......... Mole fishing with Crane fly larva patterns. Hmmmmmmm.:rolleyes:
  13. Or what should you pack re when moles attack? Beavers, now an otter, could moles be next? They've got big claws (relatively speaking)....It's funny the little buggers wrecking our lawn and veg patches used to drive my Dad nuts. We tried all sorts of stuff, traps, propane followed by 'fire in the hole', petrol and one morning he lost it and peed into a burrow. Very good for fine dubbing fur tho'


  14. When moles attack......

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