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  1. Until diesel starts following the trend, I'm going to start charging for pulling X-boxes out of the ditches, running neighbors stuff to the dump, and Sally or Joey's bed to college dorms :D.
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  2. My cheapest gas was 11.9 cents a gallon. The stations used to have gas wars to see who could draw in the most customers. But this was in the 50's. I got out of the Service in 1956. Got a job at the Lazy "B". Bought myself a car, a 1951 Pontiac with an inline 6, Flushamatic tranny and about 12 MPG. You didn't worry about the price of gas back then. You just pulled up to the pump and said "Filler up". I made $ 1.60 cents an hour at Boeing. Second shift added 12 cents to your hourly pay. I had more money that I knew what to do with.

    It sure isn't that way now. Bring back the good old days.
  3. You want to 'pay up' come to Southern Oregon! Reason same is all the fuel has to come out of Corvallis (or Eugene?) and trucked 150'sh miles ... then the truck has to drive back empty. There is no free lunch.
  4. Ya know, when I first saw the title of this thread I thought OMJ was going to regale us with tales of his gastric problems! ;)

    FWIW, regular's currently about 3.239 out here on the Kitsap Peninsula.

    Edit: Just got back from town and it's 3.219 today!
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  5. Here's the problem with electric cars. Even if they can improve the range to 500 miles between charges, you still need to stop for a charge and that takes a lot of time. Unless they can reduce the charge time down to the same amount it takes to fill up a gas tank, electric cars will not be practical for your primary form of transportation.

    If you use the vehicle just to roam around a large city, they are very practical. But if I planned to drive to YNP in an electric car, it would take me a long time due to the length of time it takes to charge the battery when it requires a recharge.

    Electric vehicles make sense if you live in the East and make short trips. But we out here in the West tend to drive long distances so finding a charging station and waiting for the vehicle to recharge is problematic.
  6. $ 3.09 Albany
    $ 2.99 Salem
  7. Sitting here on the couch watching tv, I am producing lots of gas and it's all free.
  8. Back then you spent it all on beer, cigarettes, and loose women....and the rest you just wasted.
  9. :)

    That reminds me of the guy at his doctor appointment where Doc tells him: "You should give up smoking, drinking and chasing women."
    He replies "Well, if I do that can I maybe live to be 100?"
    Doctor answers "No guarantees of that but it will sure as hell seem that long!!"
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  10. Not really. I was a good boy until I turned 24. Then I did all the other stuff. Then I went to hell.
  11. Well, until they can make a rig powerful enough to pull my trailer up two passes in one trip at 70 mph.... I'm out.

    Besides, think of this scenario : 99,999 out of 10,0000 people driving battery cars, and I get the 1 dude that's txting, as he flies through a red light driving a Suburban...
  12. I don't know why anyone would buy gas in Leavenworth at those two 76 stations: they're both owned by the same bunch, and they rip people off. Locals go to the Shell at the Y down the road on hwy 2, just past the turn off to 97 over Blewett Pass. Last time I gassed up it was $3.25
  13. John D Rockefeller invented the rail tanker car back in the days of the oil & railroad barons. (one hellofa long time ago) CSX (railroad company) commercials claim they can move five tons of freight (1647gal/gasoline) one mile on one gallon of fuel. The interstate highway system spawned the era of long haul truckers. This is nonsense! You cannot convince me that there are not more economical ways of transporting product to market than long haul trucks.
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  14. You are quite correct sir. Waterborne transport is the most fuel efficient, followed by rail.....unfortunately we've torn much of that system up, which we'll deeply regret one day.
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  15. Someone just needs to invent the transporter already.
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  16. Actually, they have come quite close. It's called a pipe line. Problem is, for one reason or another, often under the guise of something else, it has come up against a lot of resistance.
  17. 3.25 Spokane

  18. Yep right on, if you have a 30 yr commodity that can be delivered via pipeline at a lower cost than what is currently is in use.... why wouldn't you want to develop it? It's not just the oil companies, there's a lot more that plays into it including taxes for the feds and states. How many times have you heard of the Alaksan pipeline leaking oil like the Exxon Valdez? IMO still one of the best engineering marvels of the 20ith century.
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