[NFR]Help? Need your fair price opinion for fly rod.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ainitfunny, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I need advice about how much a black, two piece, 8', GRAPHITE Browning IM-7 "Diana" fly rod in like-new condition with the original custom inner sock and original Browning black nylon with brown leather handle and leather caps hard tube is worth?

    It has #5 LINE on the label and the number 1229805A The cork handle is clean and appears the FLY rod was never used.

    I put it on E-BAY for $75 + shipping but that is just a wild guess. Am I pricing it too high or too low??

    Is there any way to find out what they sold for new?
  2. I think your starting price is high, generic rods like Browning don't typically bring very good prices, check them out on the completed auctions. Also it would really help to have pictures. They are a decent rod and probably the IM7 Diana is equal or superior to many of the major brand rods of 10-15 years ago. However, I think there is a much better chance of a sale in the $25-40. range and if someone has a particular fondness for this model it could fetch more, especially with a nice tube. Good clear pictures also really help your chances of a good price. It may be more valuable to you as a backup rod than what you can realize for a sale. Good Luck !!! <*(((><
  3. At the cost of two listings, list it with a low starting price but with a high reserve and you'll find out what someone is willing to pay now (although that may be different from later which may be higher or lower depending upon demand).

  4. It's not necessary to have 2 listings, you can revise this listing w/o charge. Also another suggestion is lower your shipping fee, rods can be sent priority mail for $7.50 to $10.00 with 2 day delivery, faster & cheaper than UPS. Between high starting price and your shipping you'll scare off a lot of potential bidders.
  5. I hope I don't offend you, but I think it is much too high. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe they make the Diana series anymore? I previously owned a Diana IM7 and I think I purhased it over 10 years ago. Now I just own broken peices. I think it retailed at around 160.00 back then. Compared to the rods of today, I wouldn't pay more than 35.00 for it.
  6. Couleeflyfisher-How would I ship it to get those prices? Do I put it in a larger tube or just wrap it in paper and ship USPS priority mail?

    Guys, I just can't see selling it for only $35 when the tube and sock by themselves are worth twice that much. I did put photos up. The rod looks like new with no scratches or sign of use. Maybe if it doesn't sell I will give it to my grandson or someone who would value it that much.

    You have a good point about the shipping being too high. I plead ignorance and just did not want to get burned again by underestimating shipping as I have done several times before. I will lower the shipping.

    You can see the photos I added here:
  7. You think the tube and sock are worth $70. Not a chance. I think the previous reply was right $35 to start probably would have been better.
  8. a hand me down from grandpa to grandson is priceless.
    i've got a few and would never sell/trade/etc any of them.
    give it to the kid
  9. I usually use black ABS plastic pipe, cost for 1 3/4" is about $7.75 for 10' piece if I have to buy it, good for 2 shipping tubes. 2 day priority mail is usually about $7.50 to most of U.S. and you can get del. confirmation # for an extra 50 cents for tracking. Cardboard tubes are OK but pvc or ABS are a lot better, use duct tape for the ends. I save most of my old shipping tubes so lots of times not necessary to buy. I just wanted to point out in my first post that $20.00 is pretty high for shipping and most sellers on eBay charge in the $10-12. range, and most buyers consider shipping fees when bidding.
  10. Couleeflyfisher-I would have to buy at least 3" PVC Pipe (and a pipe cutter)because the hard case is over 2.5" diameter, I wonder how much that would add to the cost? It would seem that we are getting back up to the $20 shipping estimate I first guesstimated?

    Just found out that Home Depot charges $17.03 for a 10 foot section of 3.75" PVC. Don't know how much the cutter would run.
  11. A hacksaw or handsaw works fine, no need for any other type of cutter. Keep your eyes open and you can probably scrounge abs or pvs pipe scraps at little or no cost. Seriously, if you don't lower the starting price I doubt if it will sell. Good Luck!
  12. I guess Im not going to sell it then. UPS wants $12+ just to pack it before shipping is calculated. Can't go scrounging, am locked into the care of my bedridden spouse. And, I checked the internet, you can't buy the extra long cardboard tubes unless you buy em two dozen at a time.
  13. Do you think if I threw in a very iightly used FLAMBEAU WAIST TACKLE BOX with the rod it would sell for $75? It has two large inner boxes, a jillion pockets and a shoulder strap in addition to the waist belt.
  14. Sorry to hear about your current situation, if i didn't live across the state I would be happy to furnish a tube and assist. Post Office with priority mail is far superior to UPS, whose charges and service are no longer competitive for this type of shipping. I sincerely wish you the Very Best!!

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