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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

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    We here in Chelan Co. have had one gang related murder and another shooting in the last couple months.
    This is a sad, many of these gang types are out at the local fishing hole with the non-gang folks.
    I can see some spill over might happen then I might wish I had my heater with me.
  2. The odds are that most people will never be in a situation where a gun becomes necessary for self defense. But, that is weak consolation to anyone that has ended up in such a situation and wished that they had had access to a gun. If you don't feel comfortable or justified in carrying a gun, then don't. But remember that that is YOUR personal decision and is NOT grounds for judging another person's decision to the contrary.

    Intention for concealed carry can be as complicated as the countless personal justifications for wanting a means of self defense, to as simple as not wanting to leave one's weapon in the car where it is subject to theft. The decision to carry is very personal and not anyone else's business. And, despite the attempt to portray the gun-toting angling segment of the public as a bunch of "Rambo's", what percentage of the angling public or public in general has been slaughtered by those trigger-happy, irresponsible, untrained Rambo's?!
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  3. iagree
  4. It might be an aberration, but with the "recession" going on people are losing jobs. This leads to more drastic measure to get cash. In Snohomish county, car thefts have gone through the roof. Burglaries, also have a trend in going up when times are hard. This means that your sage rod could end up at the local pawn shop (had to through something in there to make it fishing related). Also, statistically summers are when more violent crime takes place, this is due to that more people are out and about usually. My suspiscion is that burglary and Robbery will get higher this summer if things don't improve in the economy. Especially if gas prices sky-rocket again.
  5. The truth is, random acts of violence occur every day.
    Guess why they're called 'random'.
    Right now...somewhere, someone is facing a violent encounter and they have no means to defend themselves.
    The point is, if it's me, I don't want to shit my pants thinking I could have been better prepared.
    That's all.
    What delusions of invulnerability make people think carrying a weapon is a bad idea?
    I just don't get it.
    Must be the opposite of paranoia....but shit happens to people every day.
  6. True, but there is still the possibility that an individual will still freeze up and shit their pants even if they do posess a means to defend themselves.
  7. Posted by steelydan (for some reason my quote button link didn't work.:confused:)
    "Delusions of invulnerability?" I call it a feeling of security. It must be pretty bleak world when you're out fishing worrying about random acts of violence.

    I'm not saying carrying a weapon is necessarily a bad idea. A practical idea, however, it is not. Although I fully support you're right to do so as long as you're properly trained and licensed. As As I am noted, if you aren't trained and mentally prepared to use it and you freeze up in a threatening situation, that weapon is doing you no good.
  8. I didn't say anything about training. Even someone who is mentally prepared, properly trained, and who posess alot of experiance, can still have a brain fart, be caught off gaurd or just not be prepared. Like it has been aid, when out fishing you are not thinking about fighting, you are thinking about fishing. A violent attack can still take you off gaurd, ecspecially if you are not expecting it. A random act of violence is just that, random. I was merely stating that anybody and everybody posses the ability to freeze up.
  9. Just make sure the assailant is not 21 feet away or you're screwed. If he is more then 22 feet away or closer then 20 you'll be alright. The 21 foot rule will get you every time. ;)
  10. From today's Seattle Times.

    It's a f...ed up world.
  11. Fer Chrissakes Mumbles, put you clothes back on....:eek:
  12. Worrying and being-aware are two different things.
    Apparently I needed to clarify.
    Can anybody post on these damn things without being paraphrased, taken-out-of-context, or misinterpreted?
    What does it take to get a thread locked anymore?????
  13. A "feeling of security"... can it also be an "it can't happen to me" outlook? I, at present, don't carry, but am seriously re-assessing the situation. There was a time when I also felt absolutely no need to worry about my safety on the river. However, after having my rig broken into twice, and seeing the increased frequency of these type events along the river? I'm not contemplating concealed carry to deter theft on my vehicle, but rather thinking how this trend might elevate to the next level - how long before some meth-head, desperate for money, realizes that all those benign-looking fly guys driving their fancy new rigs and carrying those expensive gadgets may likely be carrying cash? Ever taken a good look at some of the river access sites recently? Seen needles laying around? How many times are you the last/only person to be coming into a boat launch or access area in the dark? If/when some jackhole robs/assaults/kills an angler under such circumstances, I foresee that it would PROBABLY only happen a time or two before some law enforcement approach is devised to quell the situation. But, I sure don't want to be that "first" that ends up being "sacrificed" to bring attention to the situation. The days of the river being populated only by sportsman and country-folk are long gone.
  14. Steelydan,

    I would have thought Mingo's holding Mumbles up when he was a baby would have been enough to close it down.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  15. And sure, if someone is intent on laying in wait to ambush you, even a person with the best handgun training isn't going to be able to make the best use of said weapon. The fact is, one cannot expect to be able to cover all contingencies - but this certainly DOES NOT render ALL the possibilities into an impossible to be prepared for classification. When it comes right down to it, the odds of being killed by lightning are incredibly small, and in actuality there is nothing that can prevent lightning from striking whatever it decides to hit, but would any of you out there then disregard taking any "preventative measures" if there was a thunderstorm in the area?!
  16. I used to have a concealed weapons permit but let it expire. I like to visit the wateringhole on a regular basis and being a law abiding citizen it got a little old stashing the glock outside in the bushes or burying it in the dirt before going in. Now I fish with a VZ-58 strapped over my back but the barrel is starting to rust a little from being in the water all the time while I am wading.
  17. One last comment, from another time in my life, then I've had my say...

    I had a friend, comes home one day (suburb of Detroit) to notice that the cords to his stereo were unplugged (situational awareness, thank goodness). He gets an uneasy feeling, pulls his 357 revolver from out of its hiding place, cocks the gun, and turns towards the living room closet because he hears a noise . At that instant an intruder comes bursting out of the living room closet just so many feet away. *** fires his gun and drops the ****** in his tracks - dead (later he told me that contrary to the flying-off-the-feet impact shown in movies, this guy, a 260 pounder, literally crumpled/folded and dropped when hit). No training, just luck. Point being that *** had a gun when he needed it, and sure Lady Luck was on his side, but Lady Luck with no gun... well, we'll never know what that outcome would've been. As an aside, I asked *** if he had any regrets over killing that guy. "**** no!" was his answer as "that ************ was gonna kill me!"
  18. Hey, I'm wearing clothes, I just loaned a poor soul the shirt off my back, my hat blew off in the gale force winds and the rest is as it has always been.

    I'm sure you are kidding about the 22-21-20 thing, but if not you should read up on what is commonly termed the "reactionary gap" and is widely regarded as being within 21'.

    That is not me in Mingo's photo. It must be Mingo posting one of his own photos from his childhood. That could explain his series of avatar photos! Way to go Mingo.
  19. License?

    RCW 9.41.060
    Exceptions to restrictions on carrying firearms.
    The provisions of RCW 9.41.050 shall not apply to:

    (8) Any person engaging in a lawful outdoor recreational activity such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or horseback riding, only if, considering all of the attendant circumstances, including but not limited to whether the person has a valid hunting or fishing license, it is reasonable to conclude that the person is participating in lawful outdoor activities or is traveling to or from a legitimate outdoor recreation area;

    I stay away from iminent danger if at all possible whenever possible, fishing, working, whatever. The one place I carry has a little more risk than driving to work or walking down the street that's all. I've picked up needles in the area and passed by lots of transient camps. Maybe you think I'm stupid for even going there, but remember, there are ladies walking their dogs too. :rofl:
  20. You after the ladies or their dog...:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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