NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. In that case youre better off leaving the pistol in the holster and going "jake dempsey" on that ass. id venture to say that most tweakers dont have the balls to rush a man unless he looks like Ned Flanders. I'd love to see someone rush Mike Wilson on this board. Nothing like a malnutritioned tweaker vs. a former All American HVYWT wrestler.
  2. If I carried one I would have it with the holster that tucks up shorta in your armpit. That would keep it high enough most times unless you fell in the water.
  3. if you are thinking about AK fishing, you need to think about buddy fishing. when you do this, one person is ALWAYS on bear watch with an 8 shot 12ga loaded with slugs. your 44 is a pea shooter on an enraged brownie. might make you feel invinciable but if the need arose you'd likely be dead or damaged meat.

    around here? read the coaches story and then decide.
  4. Around here I carry a SW.22 Kit gun in my back. It is not for protection but I am not above putting a Grouse in the back of my vest if I get the chance.
  5. Open carry is preferable.
    I open carry in an Uncle Mikes nylon holster on my hip.
    Have a dedicated nylon duty belt for it.
    I concealed carry in the chest pocket of my waders or right hand pocket of my jacket with fishing in more populated areas.
    Open carry invites more 'commentary' that I don't want or need...(see Coach Duff)
    That chest holster looks like a pretty slick deal.
  6. IF you were to carry when fishing, What'cha click'in?

    Me? Sig P239, .357Sig (and .40SW).
  7. Check out from Alaska. They make great holsters for all your needs. You probably want the "Chesty Puller" model for fishing in bear country.
  8. Because you might run across some loser bonkin' a world record Steelhead....

    ...or you might need it to defend yourself if you decide to bonk said world record Steelhead.

  9. I carry my gun in my teeth when fishing, that way I have my flash light already in my hand in case I see my shadow. A guy can't be too fearful. I mean, careful.
  10. I take it Mike is a big guy.
    Not so big mid stream tho, half in water, wearing waders, maybe a thong. :) See Mike run...
    I was thinking big guys don't usually have confrontations but, some small guys, maybe even tweakers, have a chip on their shoulder. Dangerous if packing.
  11. How do I pack my gun when fishing?

    In my gun safe at home, same as all the other times I'm not using it.
  12. I don't carry (a gun) when I'm fishing.
    My handle is Dirty Dog.
    Have you ever been whipped with a 9' fly rod, not a pretty site.
    If I were going to carry (a gun) when fishing I would use a 20 ga stainless on a sling.
    Faster to get to than a holstered hand gun.

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  13. I use a shoulder holster for my S&W 629 and for the Ruger GP 100. It is quicker to get to it if you are in waders. If I am not wearing waders I carry the gun on my hip, unless I'm wet wading then it is in a shoulder holster (I've had to dry out my gun a few times). Open carry or concealed carry depends on the weather. I ain't going to go out of my way to keep it concealed if it is hot out. Dealing with people that feel the need to bother you about your weapon is easy, just ignore them, or you can inform them that what you do ain't none their business and that they can go piss-off. There are always folks like them who stick their noses in other peoples business (like that old nosy woman down the street). If you carry a snub nose, just stick it in one of the pockets on your vest.
  14. Thanks for some of the great answers fellas. As I was told, what good is a gun if its tucked under your bed and the bullets 50' from it.
    Chances are greater meeting up with a couple meth heads cooking up some brew in the middle of the woods.

    Law enforcement is not always gonna be there to hear you scream..

    Negotiating with a couple meth freaks is as effective as Obama negotiating with the Taliban!
  15. "When in doubt knock em out!" -Hells Angels.

    BTW support your local red and white
  16. Peter (and all), if you DO decide to carry, make sure you know the associated Washington RCWs. A great resource is "Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities" by Dave Workman.
    It's not easy to find but worth ordering and reading and re-reading.
    Another is "In the Gravest Extreme" by Masaad Ayoob.
    Pulling the trigger on a thief will likely get very expensive and time consuming (if you get my drift), especially if he's retreating. Don't let bravado get in the way of intelligence.
    Off my stool.
  17. Shoulder rig, just under the top of the waders.

    And I practice drawing from it, just like I do my other holsters.
  18. Words of wisdom...

    "Here is the reason why we should pack
    Just in case the little punks try to jack
    I can't put a stinky pitbull
    under a coat, or in the small of my back

    So I gotta take my beretta, and I betcha
    it'll probably work, a 100 percent bettah

    Cause it'll keep me out of danger
    with sixteen in the clip and one in the chamber

    So this goes to all y'all intruders
    Beware of the owner, cause the owner is a shooter

    I don't just wanna give your butt rabies
    I'd rather have your ass pushing up daisies

    And I can't do that with Benji,
    Rin Tin Tin, or Spuds McKenzie

    Forget about a dog fool, he'll shit in the den
    Nowadays, a gat is man's best friend" :ray1: :beer1:

    Pretty nice poem eh?

  19. My buddy recommended that book as well, thanks and I'll pick it up this weekend!iagree
  20. This is a great versitile holster.

    Look at the chest carry system, I also like the backpack conversion.

    I've never understood why you guys feel like you have to use this site as your own private soapbox. The question was "how do you carry while fishing" not "should I carry while fishing". I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that I am getting a bit sick of sifting through all the political crap on this site in order to find real flyfishing content. I personally know more than one member who doesn't even visit anymore because of all the stupid arguments on here lately.

    Just my two cents

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