NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. 7 Years in 2nd Force Recon
    5 years in JTF hostage rescue teams during which we averaged thousands of rounds a day
    Graduate of 7 JSOC shooting packages, and the only Force Recon Marine (2nd Force) to shoot a perfect 500 11 times on JSOC qual course in full combat equipement and gas mask
    25 months in Direct Action role in combat zones
    Hand picked by Charles Beckworth founder of Delta Force to be combat pistol demonstrater on National Geographic "World of Valor" TV show showcasing Force Recon. Find a copy I work over the steel targets n full black gear with a stocking cap on.
    Chosen to instruct the Saudi, Omani and Quatar special forces on combat handgunning.
    Gun site graduate
    BSR graduate
    SFARTAC graduate

    Now that we have compared dick size:rolleyes: (neither of us can get a cup of coffee with our amazing "credentials") do either of us fall into the catagory of those whose intentions I question about carrying concealed weapons in flyfishing rivers? But you seem to be as insecure and as offended as the next rookie. So answer the question like you actually understand combat handgunning. So why a concealed holster inside your waders in this supposed high threat environment?
  2. Steely Dan, you, sir, just got owned. :rofl: And Coach, I don't think anyone is going to have a very convincing answer to your question.
  3. Coach Duff,

    Damn you talk a lot. I really think your are seriously in need of some help. Now I know I am going to get blasted for this but I for one am tired of reading your crap. Are you serious?
    I have to believe that some where in your training you were taught some discipline. Not all of us are idiots as you seem to think we are. Some of us are just average people, professional people and believe it or not have had some training like you have but dude you are lacking something. To use the term I'm sure your familiar with you need some RR. Coach your line is way to tight.
  4. I open carry my fillet knife, it keeps me safe.

    Got it at Monte Square, in the glass case for $19.99.

  5. Coach Duff, I already answered your question. I see age has deteriorated your brain in the area of reading comprehension. I suggest you actually go and look up the law I quoted (RCW 9.41.270). If you are still confused call a local Sheriffs Office (Washington State is the area you are looking for), or ask a lawyer. Could your lack of being able to understand the law be the reason behind you not choosing to carry a firearm? Yes, we all know carrying a gun in the open is more efficient then having it wrapped up under clothing, I’m glad you are here to inform us of it, though I do believe the OP asked about concealed holsters. I would also like to thank you for reiterating the fact that for every responsible individual who carries a firearm, there is at least a 100 (this is a made up number off of the top of my head) irresponsible idiots doing the same thing. Oh, on a side note, look up some history about the open carry law, the restriction I mentioned is one that is modeled after one that California put into play. It was a court decision in 1969, which revolved around the “black panthers” showing up to court with rifles (this is a really brief overview).

    Here is your answer about when to use deadly force; RCW 9A.16.020; this section covers situations where it is not unlawful to use deadly force. Yes you are going to have to look this up and read it. Advil now or later?
  6. This thread should stop right here, "As I am" shut your mouth and realize that the only reason we are allowed to have this convorsation openly and freely, the reason we are both allowed to carry, and the reason I am allowed to call you a douche is because of people like Coach Duff, People who dont give a rip how many plinking championships you won.
  7. Oh yeah, Thanks Coach!
  8. I too can see both sides. But, there does seem to be a bit of extremist reaction... I don't think that the majority of concealed weapons carriers are anywhere near being classified as "Rambo's". In fact, to me it seems the opposite is true - most do their damned best to keep their "status" as confidential as possible. How does having the desire to exercise a concealed carry status turn one into a "Rambo"?!

    And, from some of the comments here, am I to believe that no one, excepting for LE's and ex-military personnel, can, are, or have been able to rightfully and successfully defend themselves with a concealed handgun?! That is in fact the impression that seems to want to be pushed. As for the "hassles" that may occur with shooting another person in self defense - what about that small detail - the possible alternative of one's own death if you in fact don't have the option for self defense?!
  9. Well I guess since we are measuring size I’ll contribute.

    4 years USMC-2nd battalion 7th marines Company G 3rd platoon
    (2 yrs as a machine gunner (M249)/ 2yrs as a unit leader)
    CAP platoon- instructed Iraqi soldiers in urban combat, Patrol tactics, and marksmanship
    Trained in guerrilla warfare tactics
    Lead approximately 150+ combat patrols, participated in more.
    2 years associates degree in Criminal Justice (hence why I know I’m correct on my interpretations of the law).

    Yup, guess I measure up pretty short.

    Wow, thanks for the insight buddy:beathead:
  10. LOL then thank you too! Youre both a couple of assholes. Now Can we have a beer?

    I was never in the military, but I was a bouncer at one point, and I have a purple belt in "rex kwon do" so its on me
  11. Yeah, I kinda thought so...I therefore default to my second assumption.

    Gee Coach, the least you could do is try to make it a fair fight.

    Thanks again for serving!
  12. While we are off subject.
    This is what I believe.
    We all, everyone of us (boys and girls) Americans should be firearm trained from first grade on and that training should continue until our military obligation has passed.
    After that you can hangup our guns and be a passive fly caster if you want.
    Here is the reason I believe this.
    Without the training the tool (gun) can be and is a danger to the handler and to anyone down range.
    It is nice to live in a country that has the right to keep and bare arms but I have seen what a firearm in the hands of the untrained can do. Not pretty!
    Just my .02
  13. I don't drink, but I'll take a cranberry juice with lime:D
  14. There, fixed it for ya!
    If necessary, and I'm afraid it is, I will spell out in my original post, where I SPECIFICALLY DON'T CARRY CONCEALED UNLESS MOUTHY, INSECURE 'EXPERTS' ARE LIKELY TO BE FOUND.
  15. I don't believe I've ever carried a firearm while fishing. I can understand carrying a firearm in Alaska as a protection against Brown Bears but why when fishing here in the lower 48?

    I was raised on a farm in very rural Eastern Oregon. I learned to shoot when I was six or seven years of age. I served my country in the military and qualified expert on the M-14 and M-16. I have enjoyed bird hunting and deer hunting over the years. So I am not anti-firearms, but why would you carry a firearm while fishing just doesn't make sense to me.

  16. I carry my gun in my teeth just because it looks so effing butch. I keep my flash light in my gun hand so if I see my shadow, I can poke a hole in that SOB too!

    I'm not a tough guy like in the posts above, but like my father in WWII, I spent 3 years in the marines, 13 months in Viet Nam (68-69, two Tet Offensives) 6 months as an MP, and have fired about every type of weapon you've seen in the movies, both on the range, and on the job.

    When we got home we both stopped owning weapons designed to shoot people with. I'm not anti gun, just anti gun nut. It does not make me feel secure knowing that anyone with a credit card can be packing arms that they were never taught the discipline to operate when frightened.
  17. I carry concealed because it's nobody's fucking business what I have with me.

  18. I can relate to your statement.

  19. I've been to Canada once.
  20. Coach - Those are some impressive credentials. You are clearly the biggest dick here. :) Kidding, I would love to spend an afternoon on your flats boat shooting the shit, fishing, and just maybe having a soda. Serious thankyou for your service.
    To JC, As I am, and every other service guy too. It's thanks to your sacrifice that we even have the choice to carry. Yes, the constitution recognized (not gave) that right, but it's a continuous struggle to keep it.

    I've focused my 2 or 3 posts here on the responsibility issue. I don't give a rats ass if someone carries, as long as they know the laws, are reasonably proficient with their carry, and are sane. Irresponsible behavior will lead to tragedy (as Coach says, at both ends of the barrel) AND provide certain lawmakers cannon fodder. Not to be a paranoid gun nut, but you KNOW that Feinstein and company are in full huddle mode, laying the groundwork for "anti" something legislation. I'm guessing they'll trot something out in 6 months or so. All they need are a few incidents to point at to justify their argument. Part of our "responsibility" is to each other (and our heirs) to do our part to prevent this from happening.

    I grew up here and have spent many days hiking and fishing in the Cascades and Olympics. Never once did I feel the need for a firearm. But, in recent years there have been a growing number of assaults on innocent people. Most certainly will remember the librarian murdered near Verlot a year or so back. I don't know if many poachers "pack heat" but I am certain of their lack of integrity and therefore would be wary in their presence. Fact is, it's not the same world I grew up in. I have never carried while fishing, and may never. But I may someday and I'm happy to have the choice.
    Pack if you want but please, be smart about it.

    Cup - Well put. Most folks get weird if they know you're packing. Why bother.

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