NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. At the risk of moving this away from people's resumes, a lot of people have them, I wonder how many people you see on the River or even on the Street are carrying a concealed firearm?

    Isn't that one of the points? If anybody could have one than everybody has one to a perp.

    But seriously, never mind, this has gone past serious. :rofl:

    Reminds me of another story. About 20 years ago a Bank in Gig Harbor was robbed. On a follow up interview an FBI Agent from Tacoma went back to interview a Teller. It was a hot day and he didn't want to wear his sidearm or his handcuff so he put both in his briefcase.

    As he walked into the Bank he walked in on another holdup. He wasn't noticed by the perp and as he tried to figure out how to get his pistol out of his briefcase one of the Teller's did notice him and said, "Do something, you're and FBI Agent!"

    It was downhill from there. The Bank robber got the money, about $20,000 if I remember, and the Agents briefcase and gun. He left the handcuffs, attached to the Agent's wrists.

    The Perp was caught later that day at SeaTac, trying to Board a plane to San Francisco. It was a tip from a Furrier in Tacoma about a Gent who walked in and bought a full length Beaver Coat and paid in money that still had the Bank wrappers on it that did him in. I will leave it to you to figure out who and why anyone would interrupt their getaway to buy a full length Fur Coat.

    The pistol was never recovered. The Perp claimed to have tossed it out of his car from the Narrows Bridge. He was carrying the Agents briefcase when arrested.
  2. I have no military credentials. I only carry on one section of the Spokane. Why? Because there are folks down there who can't be trusted to mind their manners. Why don't I fish somewhere else? Why should I? I do avoid going there in the evenings, and I will never be walking out of there when the light is gone.

    I conceal it so I don't scare the ladies walking their dogs.

    I think I'm realistic in thinking that the opportunity to pull it when needed might not happen. But it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Didn't used to carry ever, then some friends got assaulted after pulling out their raft at a take out.
  3. Sounds like a pretty dangerous place............all those ladies walking their dogs.
  4. Originally Posted by Steely Dumb:


    There, fixed it for ya!
    If necessary, and I'm afraid it is, I will spell out in my original post, where I SPECIFICALLY DON'T CARRY CONCEALED UNLESS MOUTHY, INSECURE 'EXPERTS' ARE LIKELY TO BE FOUND. UNFU..INGBELIEVABLE!!!!:rofl: Peter, has ANYBODY answered your question, or do you even remember what it was?
  5. I beg to differ, it's a serious enough topic.
    Some have answered Peter's question directly.
    As important, the conversation has meandered along the way. That's not a terrible thing. Imagine we're sitting around a campfire, or in your living room, you know, conversing. Someone asks a question and after a few minutes, the conversation evolves. Same thing here. I'd hope to curb the mean spirited FYs but all in all, there have been some serious opinions offered. Some food for thought. A different view.
    Of course, most of you are BLIND, but that's OK.

    Funny story BTW. Hadn't heard it before.
  6. Tell you what, took my first trip up the Skagit yesterday, and that is one squirrelly place. I figured growing up in the far northern reaches of California, I had seen most of all what folks are like in teh backwoods. But Washington's takes the cake. I had no idea we still live on the frontier up here. Someone was practicing with at least two different handguns what sounded like less than 30 yards the other side of the Sauk at our first stop. The whole trip was rather grim, I think I'll stick to the beaches on the sound and the good ol Trinity River when I happen to be home.
  7. NFR: How do you Conceal your firearm when fishing?

    Yeah, throw the vest away, get a wading jacket and wear it under that.
  8. If this was a campfire and everyone had a couple of beers than it would either be a fist fight or a bunch of grown men running around naked to see who had a bigger Dick. ptyd
  9. Running Around?:rofl: Shit, I can jump rope with mine. :rofl:
  10. This is a good topic, though some can get heated. Even though I originally fussed at Coach Duff for straying this of the topic of holsters, I do recognize that a lot of what he is saying true. There is a high chance of being successfully sued if you do end up having to use your firearm in self defense. It’s best to try and avoid using it. Also, as citizen, you do not enjoy the same immunity that peace officers do; this means, like said before, you can and will be sued. I carry mine as LAST resort only, I know the chances of needing it are rare, but if I do need it I want it with me. I have been in three situations in the past 4 years where I could have used it legally, each time I never even went to it, nor considered it. Two of those situations would have been made worse (for me) if I had attempted to use my firearm (Coach Duff eluded to the reason why). I choose to carry concealed here on the western side of the mountains mainly for my previously stated reason, RCW 9.41.270. Plus, I don’t feel like dealing with people who feel the need to bother me about carrying a firearm. Also, like Coach Duff said, it will make you a target. As far as tactical reasons go; open carry is more efficient, but most of us ain’t cops on the street, nor are we in combat; we are out relaxing when fishing. Honestly, if you wanted to stand a chance in the woods, a rifle would be a better bet than a pistol (better range and accuracy); that would be annoying to carry around and trying to cast with it slung over your shoulder. I know Coach Duff asked about how you carry your ammo also, so I’ll answer; I don’t. What I have in my cylinder (this means only 5 or 4 bullets, I always leave the slot sitting by the hammer empty incase I fall; this is to avoid accidental discharge) is what I got, like I said, last resort, no intent on a fire fight. I highly suggest that if you do carry a firearm; that you read and fully understand RCW 9A.16.020, this is what the law says is not an unlawful use of deadly force. Also, read the rest of the laws pertaining to firearms.
  11. I live just north of Sedro. Sometimes on the weekends you would think you live in some sort of war zone. I have heard as many as 10 or more different guns going off. It is not unusual for us to get out the 45s, 357s, 9s, 38s, 270s, 6.5s, 223s, 12s, or anything else we can find in the gun safe to do a little targit shooting and to have the neighbors on both sides do the same. Its some crazy shit going on up here. I think you are making the right decision, stay in the city where it is safe. Now, where the hell did I put my banjo?
  12. In the country they shoot to practice or eat (generally animals that are not bipedals). In the city they shoot to kill (generally the perp and victim are bipedals) and take your stuff. There are fun and exciting places all around us. Last trip out I was on the Satsop and there was a lot of gunfire. Some handguns, two or maybe three rifles and a shotgun all rang true. Not sure what was the target, but despite the noise I did not feel that I was the target. I guess if I felt I was being targeted or intimidated I might consider carrying, but I'm not there yet. I just hope all who carry do so comfortably so that they don't harm themselves and also hope that their need to draw is only done on a doodle pad at home with their friends and family. (Envision guys armed to the teeth playing pictionary)

    As for Peter, I'm sure that he has gotten a few ideas of convenient and comfortable carrying ideas, there are many out there, best of luck finding one that suits your body stature and that it is comfortable adn convenient for you.
  13. "Go Fish" comes to mind. Waders on, face full of whiskers, all snarly like, sling pack with bullets, meat stick in the corner, fist full of cards. I can see it too.
    Or did Boot write that already?
  14. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    David Loy, great visual. You could be Wadin Boot's illustrator!
  15. Sorry, I can't draw for sh*t. Not bad at civil work in CAD but you're talking about Yahina or BeJosef I think. I play a lot of movies in my head tho.
  16. i believe the question of 'how' to carry was answered any number of times. some interesting sort of 'holsters' were mentioned and linked.

    coach took the discussion to,'... are you ready to carry...' obviously he took out the platoon with his question and answers. unfortunately the platoon still thinks its standing up.

    i went up to the upper dungeness thinking i was going trout fishing. i drove into the campground where the forest circus LEO was killed some months later. the hair on the back of my neck stood up. the prudent thing for me to do was leave the scene, firearm or no. if you don't have any street sense, i am sorry for'yah, and no firearm no matter where you hang it is going to do you a damn bit of good.

    now if you choose to fish were big mean, fast critters also fish, take my hard earned advice, forget the pea shooters, arm yourself with that 12ga and carry it ready to use. half a ton moving at 20 mph is going to be all over you in about 2 heart beats. if you are up for that challenge, go ahead and fish with the bears.
  17. I will respond again to the OP, I really agree with the chest holster or hip.
    I can convert the belt to an over-the-shoulder sling if I'm wading deep.
    IN RE the question of are you prepared to use it?....a simple question.....

    Would you rather do a few yrs in jail or spend the rest of your life knowing you could have done more to protect yourself and family?
    That's exactly how I boil it down for myself and it's an easy decision when I reduce it to that level.
    I'm out of this thread now.
  18. Most rangers you you talk to, will tell you to forget the firearm, period. They will tell to get a can of bear spray. Whether you use a "pea-shooter" or the much harelded "12g slug" doesn't really matter. I don't know if you have ever seen a bear charge full speed through the woods, but they can bound that "21 ft" distance in less than a blink of the eye, not to mention they can be on top of you before you even know they are there. Big ol' gun or not, you will probably still end up as bear food.
  19. ah yes, bear charges as well as moose encounters are all a part of the AK scene. sure, rangers will tell you all about the pepper spray, they really don't like too many firearms in their territories. but at the end of the day, if a brownie chooses you, that 12 ga is what it will take. that is why you are carrying it ready to use, not slung over your shoulder. trust me, a brownie is way faster than any perp you can imagine not to mention way bigger with a low growl, snapping jaws and spit flying everywhere, an awesome sight that you NEVER want to see.

    moose? they have very poor eye sight so if spot one make a bunch of noise, it will angle off. the fairbanks airport used to have a display of the big game trophy critters killed in AK. you could actually go right up to the mounts. the one i loved was the moose which you could walk under without hitting its belly with your head. of course i am only 5'9" but it gives you some idea of just how big they can be. i spooked a moose on the kenai walking too quietly in the spruce forest. she simply walked into the kenai and proceed to walk all the way across to her 2 calves on the other side, phew.

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