NFR: How do you pack your firearm when fishing?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Peter Pancho, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Carrying a concealed firearm while fishing is no different then shoving your ideology down every ones throat with two page blathering posts. Neither is necessary but both are rights granted to us as U.S. citizen. Give it up already and look into an anger management course.
  2. QUOTE: " it’s possible that just being fast enough to outrun your fishing buddy is defense enough! Of all your great advice and insight....that's the best"! And to what's your name, I doubt the Coach ever got angry over any of this, probably had a lot of good laughs! Nobody forced you to read it!
  4. Holy cow!!! I can't believe this thread has 162 replies, 11 pages and 4,057 views.
  5. I can believe it, I've been here a hundred times myself. Lots of drama, we all need more drama.
  6. Hot head? Anger issues? Escalating verbal exchanges?
    Ever read your own posts?
  7. I have one question. Not really on the topic but what this thread has turned into. Someone breaks into my house while I am alseep, isnt that a threat? If I am awken from my sleep by someone in my house, the first thing that comes to my mind is grab the 12 gauge, for all I know he is armed with intent to use, after all he broke in. Am I supposed to ask "Now what are your intentions sir?" before I act?
  8. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I will say what my instructors said when they described this. He/she has to be posing a imminent threat to you. This could include moving toward you in a threatening manner or using verbal threats (must posses a means to carry out threat). On a side note; Washington state is a "Stand your ground" state, you are not expected to flee. The law also reconizes that "your home is your castle", this means that you have the right to defend it, you are not expected to flee from your home, period. This does not give you the OK to shoot a thief who is fleeing, that is murder.
  9. Thanks, wouldnt expect a "this is what I would do". I know what I would do, just curious of ones actual right.
  10. Ever so true. Remington 870 12g is the ticket, which I have as well.

    Great info and awesome responses, wether you be a gun lover or not.

    Thanks to those who focused on the original question and gun owner rights,etc. Awesome!
  11. Mumbles,

    Is that you or Howie Mandel. I guess we could blame your loss of hair on Coach Duff's ranting.
  12. Don't forget the Mossberg stainless shottie.
  13. Here:

    The first link takes you to the Washington State Legislature page on RCWs by title. This is where you can research laws. The second link takes you to the Washington State Constitution (on the same website). Also, you can look up WACs (Washington Administration Code) on this site. If the links don’t work, just go to the Washington State Legislature website.
  14. Thanks Mingo, that was a timely insert and now I am assuming we all know where you carry you firearm. I can not believe that even Coach Duff would have a negative comment about this holster.
  15. I want to thank "As I am" for all the info he has provided.
    The one question he has not answered is who he really is? Only 102 posts no real name.
    I'm right up front and center, you know my name and where I live.
    So "As I am" if you want the others in this group to listen to your info.
    Step up to the plate and hit a homer. Or step out of the shadows and up to the camp fire, have a cold one with the rest of the boys.
  16. This seems really, really unlikely. Douglas County recorded exactly one murder, combined, in 2004 and 2005. If this SWAT officer wasn't telling tall tales, it certainly points to an aberration, rather than a genuine risk-of-life when fishing in the wilds of Douglas.
  17. AIA - Post 168 is dead on with what I've read, heard, been taught, believe. (No pun intended.)

    MYLB - see glossary thread.
  18. Gator, that is me, not Howie Mandel. I lost a bet, and not to Coach either. I don't have issues with Coach, he makes very valid points as do so many others. Sometimes people have different presentations in how they make those points. Those differences are a result of our collective life experiences and priorities. I'm not judging or keeping score, but there have been many informative posts here and if people get thier hackles up, knickers in a twist or panties in a bunch then they likely are stonewalling a subject or better yet actually thinking more about it.

    My new outfit is my commitment not to conceal...although not nearly as awesome as Mr. Mingo's recent post.
  19. As I understand the situation gang violence is on the upswing as the supply of drugs coming in from Mexico has been curtailed the local gangs are trying to retain their share of that market. Apparently this has lead to additional gang violence in Vancouver BC as well.

    So I agree this could be an aberration particularly as law enforcement is devoting additional assets to stop any further escalation. Does this relate directly to fishing, I think not. However it's an area of the state that many people recreate in therefore there's an indirect link.

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