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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. 65 Boot. I'll also say that but for 1949, the balance were after the '60s & during the time this country started to experience significant change on many fronts. I wonder where the recent crop of perps got their ideas? And you are correct, such ilk are psychopaths, but unfortunately psychopaths unrestrained and uncontrolled. I have role models (or had as most have departed) and they were heads-above those famous types gracing the headlines today. I respect all of the rights ensured by our constitution; I also realize that without the Second Amendment to protect the others that these could well be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, if either of us had a cure-all solution, we'd be a tad short of the ability to implement it wouldn't we?
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  2. Except for "copy cat " killers which are fueled by our media who glorify them in the news cycle. You can pontificate or dabble in psycho analysis ( without training or a a degree ) all you like and proclaim it is mental health issue.

    The simple truth is The shooters in AZ , Columbine, VA, CT and OR last week were seeking notoriety I.e. High body counts. Thank God the OR shooter was stopped by an armed citizen and his own incompetence.

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  3. Of course I will. I take serious things seriously (and then some). Haven't you noticed that about me? ;)
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  4. No. that might give you a heart attack, but a double bacon cheeseburger deluxe is a sure death warrant. On the other hand, I don't hunt any more, but I keep a 12 gage pump for taking out home burglars. I am vocal about this in my community. Nobody comes near my place.
  5. Yes. The insane should be required to wear them. At all times.
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  6. Better yet, pay them $10,000 each to voluntarily submit to sterilization surgery. That would be savings of a factor of ten or more over the long term.
  7. No way...check out the list of suicides by country, Lithuania wins by a 1/4 mile. We are #38.

    Behind some countries with kick-ass flyfishing and/or socialized medicine I might add....Damn Canadians and Australians are less likely to off themselves than Americans though....
  8. Hell, once someone is diagnosed as "insane," require it! Don't pay 'em! The operation would probably cost us taxpayers at least that much.
  9. For the record, I'm batshit crazy. I feel my offspring would be a burden on society.
  10. Equating the desire to discuss with the intent to ban is wrong-headed and unfair and uncivil.

    This instant distrust poisons the civil discourse we need to have in this nation.

    That said, this forum is doing a pretty good job with a few exceptions. Bravo.

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  11. Statistics are absolutely meaningless if you attempt to apply them on an individual level. They only indicate probabilities that might be relevant in analyzing large populations. Trends involving percentages of large populations. Get it? None of that can be applied to any particular individual. I majored in quantitative analysis and statistics. This was basic.

    One of my nieces committed suicide a little over a year ago. Of course I have no idea why. Nobody saw it coming.
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  13. No guns for Lugan...jesus look what he does to a guitar....

    when they kick in your front door, how you gonna come, with your hands on your head or on the.....
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  14. ...trigger of your gun.

    But that was a different time and place. And I was a drummer in a punk band, not guitar. I'm too coarse for that.
  15. That gun is illegal in CT an NJ.
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  17. Like many, I'm saddened by what happened, but not more so than what happened at the mall in OR a couple days earlier, or the murder that was reported on the radio (insert which one here). There are lots of crimes, and the loss of human life is tragic.

    What gets me about this event are the calls for action to ensure that a mass murder shooting like this can never happen again. I presume that is emotion and not logic speaking. The actions necessary to prevent any future occurrence are socially, politically, and economically unacceptable. At best we might take some actions that reduce the probability and frequency of such events. And by the news reports, the Sandy Hook along with many other school districts have already instituted strategic plans for reducing the casualties that might otherwise happen when an outlier event like this does occur.

    And that's what a school mass murder shooting is, an outlier. The frequency ranks somewhere between uncommon and rare. Given that kind of statistic, calling for armed guards in every school or major overhauls in US gun laws would be major actions that are disproportionate to the prospective effect. It's probably impossible to diagnose who is going to become mentally ill and psychotic and prone to commit a mass murder, although it might be beneficial and in the national interest to devote more resources to diagnosing and treating the mentally ill. I think sometimes we have to recognize that certain events are outliers that are not predictable with any useful degree of reliability, and therefore not preventable. The best we can hope for in such a circumstance is to have a plan for how to react when something like that does happen. It looks like the schools and first responders have done that.

    Really, what else can society actually do that would improve the outcome?

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