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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Dec 14, 2012.

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  2. Roper,

    You're living a pipe dream (or nightmare?) if you think the gays, pot smokers and atheists are to blame for the majority of society's ills. Myself, and other atheists on this board, aren't the ones erecting the inflammatory billboards you mention. Just like you, I suspect, won't be out there bombing abortion clinics this weekend.

    I was with you 100% on the drones, reality TV, smart phones, Honey Boo Boo bullsh-t until you veered down Glenn Beck Blvd. The only thing you succeeded at was perpetuating another stereotype.
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  3. You left out a small detail; the form 4473 that a purchaser needs to complete for the federal background check that's required when buying from any federal firearms licensee.
  4. Slider, funny thing about stereotypes, they're based on repetitious behaviors by a group. Sorry if your atheist beliefs had you lumped into some stereotype, it wasn't my intent. My intent is to depict the trivial matters that seem so important to our society. I could care less what your belief in God is or isn't. I could care less if folks want to smoke pot, I smoked my fair share, hash too, and lot's of other drugs. It's not important any more. I don't care if you want to marry and have sex with the same sex or goats for that matter. Keep it to your self. I don't see any heterosexual parades, do you. This shit just isn't important. Neither is Glenn Beck...

    What is important is caring for each other and the planet.

    How does that statement make the jump to guns? While utopia makes for good fiction, it doesn't exist. There's bad guys and girls out there. That's a fact. The shit will hit the fan here in America, maybe in my lifetime, maybe not. If it does, I'm gonna protect me and mine from the bad guys. It's my right!

    This weekend I will be on a killing spree, quail, pheasants, maybe ducks...and a chili burger. What stereotype would that be...? :D
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  5. Some of you who are still wet behind the ears, need to realize is that us old guys did indeed grow up in a different world. Before the atheists got prayer banned from school, nativity scenes were proudly displayed everywhere and no one bitched about it, Charlie Brown Christmas plays were a given at every school, and every little girl wanted to play the virgin Mary. They were Christmas trees, not holiday trees, and everyone wished you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. None of this happy holiday BS! in addition to that, we recited the pledge of allegiance to the American flag (which was in every class room) including "one nation under God" at the start of every day! We learned and sang a lot of traditional songs from the school songbook. There were no abortion clinics. If an unwed girl got pregnant, she dropped out of school, had the baby, and got on with her life the best she could. The only people who smoked pot or did drugs of any kind were musicians. There was no such thing as political correctness. A spade was a spade period. Nothing inflammatory about calling it like it was. I walked in a hardware store when I was fourteen and almost bought a brand new Marlin 30-30 lever action rifle. (with paper route money) Only thing that kept me from going back for it was my Dad clued me in on the cost of 30-30 ammo compared to .22. There were no permits to fill out. Nor were there any mass murders going on. The most popular TV shows for kids was Ozzie & Harriot and Leave to Beaver. There was no X rated stuff on TV at all.

    The nightmare is what the liberal progressives have created today. Where if one dares to criticize anything that displeases them, they are accused of "playing the race card" of being a bigot, or a far right nut cake. Glenn Beck would have been considered just an every day middle of the road guy back in the fifties. He could not have made a living doing what he does today because he was no different than the guy next door. Then there were the Democrats. Hell, the Democrats of the fifties would be considered right wingers by today's standards.

    Of course today the in crowd, those who don't know any better, who think they own the world, just want to write us old guys off as old fashioned, clinging to memories of the past. Well I've got news for you. Not so fast pilgrim. I plan on pumping air for another twenty years or so. I want my world back! And I'll fight you every step of the way for it.
  6. Should we then attack the 1st Amendment as well?
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  7. What part of "Separation of Church and State" do you not understand?
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  8. MANDATORY prayer in public schools was "banned" by the Supreme Court in a very straightforward decision based on a conservative interpretation of the Constitution. Every sitting justice on that court was an avowed theist. Atheists had nothing to do with it.

    VOLUNTARY prayer in public schools has never been 'banned' and is still practiced on a regular basis in public schools all over the country ... especially around exam time.;)

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  9. Exactamundo!!! The same Constitution that protects your right to worship your Christian god as you see fit, also protects the same folks who want to worship (or deny) other god(s) as they see fit. How is it fair, in any way, to force Christian prayer on American kids (or any American, for that matter) who may not be Christian (or Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, or whatever)?
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  10. What part of "Separation of Church and State" do you not understand?

    The part that lets the obma admin force people to provide birth control against their religious beliefs.
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  11. I'm sorry I revived this thread.
  12. Perhaps if those people have a problem with other folks' use of birth control, then they might be in the wrong line of work?
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  13. Me too, should we ask Chris to kill it, with an assault rifle...:D
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  14. WHAT?!?!? You want to kill me with an assault rifle?!?!? Now that's just the kind of fascist-socialist-atheist-theist kind of thing that's wrong with this countr...

    Oh, wait, never mind. You meant kill the thread not me. Sorry 'bout that. :confused:

    Yeah, prolly oughtta kill this thread, or at least stop doing CPR on it.
  15. It'd be a great world if we all followed your religion, wouldn't it? Us atheists are plenty capable of being kind, contributing members of society. The kind of neighbors you want in your neighborhood. I've seen good and bad people from all religions and lack thereof. Stop trying to blame everything on us "liberal atheists."

    I don't usually get too worked up over this kind of thing, but you are out of line in singling us out as a problem.

    Probably a thread killer, but so be it. I don't like having my lack of a belief in an invisible friend blamed as our country's problems.
  16. Word.
  17. Very well said, Evan.
  18. edited. In retrospect, I was just being snarky.
  19. A point is atheists, gays, hell you name it can do and say whatever they please and speak there minds push their views and its ok. Try to pray in school or wear a religious shirt. you get sent home. Funny Slayer and Slipknot Shirts dont get you sent home. Point is everyone is different and will have completely different views as to how to live their life. thats the beauty of this country. But to say i cant do something because it "may" offend someone is ridiculous. Im offended daily, but the debauchery, anti christian remarks, on and on and on arent banned. Funny the double standard this country has.
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  20. Why is it BS breck. cause thats your opinion. your no better than the people who think that.
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