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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. logic doesn't work any better in the flyfishing community than the population at large. Too bad, we'll all experience the failure.
  2. What exactly are these "atheist views?" There is no such thing. Atheism is nothing (literally). You are 100% free to pray where and when you like, and I'll be the first to back you up on that. Neither you, nor the government (or government run schools/institutions) can tell me that I have to participate. If anyone has been sent home for praying or wearing a religious shirt, I would wager to guess it was an isolated incident. That is definitely not the norm.

    This religious persecution everyone seems to be up in arms about seems to just be some people being upset that they don't get their way (having everyone follow the same religion and pray publicly).

    An amusing statistic is that there is a correlation between secularism and lower rates of violence in developed nations. The safest countries, with the happiest people in the highest standards of living happen to also be the least religious places. (see: Scandinavia. Don't see: the American Southeast).
  3. Fundamentalism destroys freedoms far more often than governments with guns.
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  4. So is a few moments of silence to be considered state-sponsored prayer in public schools? Or as stated a few posts down from yours "Did you really think kids were not allowed bow their heads, close their eyes, fold their hands, and pray in their head?" So which way is it? Can they really do that in public schools? Since I have not attended school for 50+ yrs, I have to rely on the media for that info. What? You mean to tell me the media is biased? :eek: And the government being in the business of religion? Heavens too Betsy, what are they doing? Putting Jesus on postage stamps? Or maybe a Christmas tree? Oh, but they are called holiday trees now, so it must be OK. Other than the government telling the Catholic church they must provide birth control for their employee's, (which imho is a direct violation of Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof) I was not aware the government had gone into the religion business. That is unless by that you mean the business of interfering with religion. Could you please be more specific re: the government being in the business of religion? Just for the record, I haven't been inside a church for decades either.
  5. I was in public school up until just over 10yrs ago. I was a youth pastor for a while after that (oh how things have changed in my world). So I've been in both. Your posts are making less and less sense as you go on. Your post here isn't even a coherent, answerable question/statement.

    And yes, the mainstream media (all of it) is biased. They are in no way required to report facts or reality. They are there for ratings, to make money, and to support the narrative of the private corporation that owns said broadcast.

    Thankfully, the internet has given us a way to see things from all angles. Seeing media reported stories in peer reviewed format from all points of view really gives you a new perspective on things. Granted, that takes more than passive watching/listening, which is more than the average American is willing to do.
  6. I'm gonna need a Secretary of Brown Trout, you up for the job? Mike Doughty might run against you for that position...;)
  7. I nominate Rick Matney as secretary of brown trout.
  8. More like Emperor and Overlord of Brown Trout. Have you seen what that guy catches? Wish I had 10% of his fishiness.
  9. I've seen what he catches, and I've held the meat sticks and swim baits he back rows to catch them (when he's not drifting live sculpins like a boss).
  10. I had guessed cut herring for sure, but this stuff you list is low.
  11. Speyfisher,
    I accept that you are geniune when you say that you don't understand some of the issues surrounding school prayer and "rights" of religious businesses. Here's a bit of what I know about the subject.

    Yes, it is okay for a teacher to ask students to take a moment of silence. No, they cannot tell the students they HAVE to pray during that time. Students may pray silently in school at any time, but can't be disruptive by praying out loud any more than they could shout across the room to a friend during class. Students may even self-organize prayer sessions at school outside of class time, as long as the school authorities don't organize it, or require anyone to attend. Simply put, public schools are arms of the government and cannot endorse any religion, through mandatory prayer, display of religious text (e.g., posting of 10 commandments), or anything else, neither can they prohibit the personal, private practice of same.

    As for health care benefits to employees of Catholic, or any other employer (over a certain minimum number of employees when mandatory health employer subsidized health insurance kicks in), the employer is subject to all applicable federal nondiscrimination laws. Health insurance is a benefit of employment, as much as wages/salaries are, and can be used as the employee sees fit, just as such federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating on the basis of religion on this matter. Recent court rulings on this have agreed that the employer cannot choose to exclude any health care options that are provided by the insurance provider or mandated under federal law (which does have some limits), any more than the employer can dock a woman's wages if they dislike her spending that income on birth control (or anything else they might disapprove of, such as purchasing fire arms ;)).

    If Fox News is your media authority, it might be no wonder you are misled about these matters.

  12. I really wish it was more widely known how true this is. The media stations are all guilty of selective reporting and bias, but Faux "news" takes it to an extreme.

    What happens: A public figure says "happy holidays" publicly


    What "happy holidays" really means: I wish you the best no matter what you celebrate.
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  13. I realized all media outlets, printed or otherwise, were biased years ago. Which is why I don't put much stock in any of them. Some a whole lot less than others.
  14. How about discuss gun safety now, mourn less later.
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  15. That is interesting. I would love to hear the story of how you went from a teacher of the Word, to an atheist.
  16. It's not that hard.
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  17. Just wanted to thank Lugan for posting links to the articles by Sam Harris on Tuesday. Probably among the most intelligent and articulate words ever written on the subject of gun control and gun violence in the U.S. Ought to be required reading for all elected or appointed officials tasked with or intending to develop new legislation pertaining to gun control.

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  18. Full retard indeed.

    This is my first contibution to this trainwreck of a thread. I like Ropers thread way better. I also like eggs benedict.

    Go Sox,
  19. A few of the steps involved are letting go of guilt and fear, realizing morals are not exclusive to a deity, and figuring out you were not born a sinner.
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  20. Ha! Benedict Arnold was a traitor; he probably wanted to take everyone's guns away...
    ... and make them say school prayers!
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