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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. I am just curious as to someone telling me how they get their rocks off firing their AR-15 or AK-47, or, using it for their hunting equipment. Is it really that kool? I suppose if one never went to war, that may be the reason. I am also curious as to numbers of gun collectors/shooters vs. hunters. Common sense gun regulations are needed to stop some of these killings, better than nothing done.

    I have been taking up knitting for the last week!! Lucky me has the sciatic nerve and back problem showing up again and has been stopping me from fishing. :mad: Oh, by the way, I don't catch little fish!! :D
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  2. Has no one noticed that we had total ban on sales of both assault weapons and fat grip handguns for ten years and no armed police showed up to take everyone's guns away?

    Maybe if that ban had not ended in 2006 the Lanza creep's mom wouldn't have been able to buy one for him to steal.


    EDIT: The ban lasted from 1994 to 2004 so it did not end in 2006.
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  3. How do disbelief in the supernatural and living under tyranny have anything to do with each other?

    On the flip side, I'll remind you that history is littered with examples of theist tyranny: Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, inquisition Spain, innumerable cults, etc.
  4. Who told you about my Zebco? And if they said anything about my using sparkly rainbow power bait and putting a little brass bell on my rod tip, well they were lying.
  5. Coming from someone who spent the better part of 8 years with an M4 in my hands, I still enjoy shooting them. Believe me it got really fucking old doing the same ready-up drill, multiple target engagement, clearing a malfunction, weapon transition etc. for days on end in the sweltering heat of Ft. Bragg summers whilst kitted up. Just take my word for it, it gets old really quick. Yet for the millions of rounds I've sent down range, I still like to get out and put a few mags of ammo into steel or paper silhouettes. And YES people do use AR style weapons chambered in .243win, .260rem and .308win to hunt with because they are reliable and accurate weapons; whose design has been refined through 50 some years of military use and feedback.
    If you really want to know how cool it is, go find out. It is a challenge to gain a level of proficiency you can be proud of. The crawl, walk, run principle is in full effect; from getting a good zero, to shooting consistently tight groups, all the way up to a level of proficiency to compete in defensive handgun and carbine shooting competitions. It gets very addictive, very quickly. It also gets very expensive, very quickly, kinda like fly fishing ;)
    larry; if you look to my previous post I offered some solutions that don't require further gun control measures. The ones we currently have in place are good enough IMHO. However the solutions I offered give American citizens an opportunity to take charge of protecting their community. A sense of pride and ownership in one's safety instead of resentment and disdain for the "common sense" gun control measures that are being proposed.
    I've been there and seen first hand in Iraq what happens when the types of restrictions being proposed are enforced. Beheaded bodies, millions of carjackings, 6 year old kids getting snatched and used as rape toys, and a full blown religious war being fought between the Shia and Sunni with little or no regard for the legality of the weapons they used.
    I hope this resolves lingering questions you may have about people who own these types of weapons.
  6. I'll admit I have to have a few drinks before I read these posts
  7. No. I don't drink anymore, it almost cost me my marriage and time with my kids. But thanks for reminding me. Do you?

    Do you have a question or point you'd like to make? Maybe read the post after Jason replied to that post you quoted, it should help. I think we handled it like grown ups. He responded, as did I. Really though, if there's something you'd like to share...
  8. This???.....still???...ok..i'm bored...Numbers never lie, but Anti's choose to ignore them and always go for the feel good solution....i keep hearing hosts and guests on cnn and msnbc, saying gun control will change nothing, will not prevent anything...then the dip shits always add, "but atleast its something".
    Gun violence has been plummeting most my entire adult life and im in my late 40's. gun ownership is up over 50 percent in the last 20 years, gun murders are down 50 percent in the last twenty years. concealed carry permit holders are way way up in the last twenty years, AR owners are up over a thousand percent (this one is a guess) in the last twenty years, but assault weapons used to murder are about 1/4 of one percent. the majority of assault weapons used in killings are by police. year by year things are getting better. we are a nation of 300 million, there are nearly that many guns in circulation, atleast a 100 million people who own or have immediate access to firearms. we have more gun owners than any other country in the world, but rank 28 for violent crime. we average one mass shooting like this at an elementary school, every 236 years. but numbers matter not to the gun anti's, they are against them regardless. if there was no gun crime here, they would then use that as an excuse to say we dont need them. when there is a problem, when the scale tips and starts heading the other way, then....maybe..i'll rethink my position. I dont need an AR to defend myself, i have it, because i carried one for 6 years, like the millions of other Veterans like myself. i like to shoot, and its my Right!
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  9. Roper, I too see those signs you mention. in fact, I believe I'll load my Biathlon rifle onto my back while I'm skiing my workout today.

    Gearhead, Darthmonkey, welcome home, brothers. None of us were "released" from our oath, were we!
  10. I think this topic / thread has run its course. I'll be closing it sometime today.

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