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  1. For those of you who may have an interest in nuclear power from the stand point of an ANTI Nuclear Green Peacer who later became an advocate, see the following youtube link:

  2. i am for using less power lower the demand rather than increasing supply
  3. Hell yeah. We need to drop consumption.
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  4. I think I've read that despite significant improvements in energy conservation, total energy use per capita in increasing in the U.S. Favoring a reduction in use and achieving it aren't the same thing. And energy use per capita is rapidly increasing in other parts of the world, where people also want to enjoy the affluent lifestyles that Americans enjoy. I'm not a nuclear power fan, but if people will not decrease consumption, then what are you going to actually do, beyond providing conservation minded lip service?

  5. Reduce population.
    (Please don't ask me how..:D)

    I see energy, water & food security and pollution as smaller side issues to population.
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  6. I've got some ideas...
  7. Breeding should not be a right. Pay to play.
    You want to pass on your geans, you should be able to afford a kid. Also, pass some kind of mental test.
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  8. I agree totally. You can't have any kids unless you can spell genes right. ;-)

    Regarding the video, I think nuclear power is a great option for power generation (especially the new reactor designs). Having worked with radioactive isotopes for research purposes I don't fear them but certainly respect them. Let's hope new high power generating technologies are developed in the coming decades to replace coal and hydro. Solar and wind will never fill this gap.

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  9. I'm not sure I agree with pay-to-play; that would create some wicked class warfare.

    My thoughts: Mandatory Vasalgel/RISUG injections at age 15.
    Two natural-born child limit (adopt all you want, but after you create two, your tubes are tied. Applies to men and women).
    If somehow you create a third, you are fined, and the child is raised as part of an elite steelhead/salmon habitat restoration task-force.

    Or we just wait for the impending pandemic to take out a third of the population. It's bound to happen sooner or later.
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  10. DimeBrite, posted on my dumb ass phone.
    plaegreid. If by "wicked class warfare" you mean the poor couldn't have kids, tough shit. If you can't afford to raise them, you can't have them. Sounds harsh I know. Why is it people think they can do whatever they want without responsibility for those actions?
    As for the rest of your post, I've held that same idea for years. How about people who want more than two can buy a child credit. I'll sell mine.

  11. Certainly radical thinking is required and any real solution will be hard work to get past the PC crowd.

    My own thinking, and it's harsh, is that the developed world has to stop intervening in third world problems so heavily.
    If you can't feed all your people mother nature is telling you something.
    Maybe more foreign aid could be in the form of family planning ?

    For the west ( and I'm a hypocrite first class in this respect) a limit on the number of children is a good first step.
    Economics should be the carrot and the stick.
    Have one child pay less tax, have 8 pay much more.

    In both the third and developed world I would suggest paying people to have the snip - it fair- and would save money in the long run.

    Like I said though, I have 3 kids and can't really get on a soap box about the issue, but IMHO it's very much time for the world to take it on and at least start the conversation.
    The economic hurtles alone are epic before you even get to the moral ones.
  12. David, if your feeling guilty (and you should ;-) ) you may buy one of my credits. Make me a offer.
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  13. By wicked class warfare I meant that there would be poor folks pulling wealthy people to bits in the street and wealthy people responding with extreme prejudice.
    I see your argument for the pay-to-play scenario, but it can't happen. We'd solve our population issue through civil war.

    The good thing about mandatory, non-permanent male sterilization at age fifteen is that young people wouldn't get pregnant, allowing them to hopefully save some money so, at around age 25, if they want, they can have a kid, or get another 10-year booster. No more 16 and Pregnant, no more Teen Mom, no more 19 year old welfare queens/kings. Match that with permanent sterilization after 2 live-births, and voila. A steady or declining population.

    I do like the credit system idea, too. My brother would sell his credits for sure; and if it were valued right, it would definitely help some single parents.
  14. Educated, empowered women equal smaller family sizes every single time. It ain't about money, it's about education and moving past cultural conservatism regarding sex roles.

    Move along now, this one just got settled.

    Go Sox,

  15. that is incorrect. education is not the answer. it does not make people smarter and it does not make them do the right thing.

    the only thing that changes the world is when people are motivated to do the right thing. People are naturally motivated to do the wrong thing so that only a significant event or revalation changes them from that path.

    An example catch and release fishing has not always been popular. 70 years ago is was downright unheard of. However a revelation happened and people realized that you can catch a fish more than one time and since that revelation catch and release is the driving force behind almost ever top notch fishery on the planet. That did not come about through education it came about because people chose to do the right thing and it caught on.

    women are now required to work outside the home to make a families ends meet, that enslavement not empowerment. we need to get back to cultural conservatism. not necessarily what is now considered political conservatism. We are already WAY beyond cultural conservatism...

    back to power generation.. we need to reduce demand
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  16. It's been shown over and over throughout the world. Whenever women get educated and move away from more conservative cultural values (regardless of culture) birth rates drop. Every fucking time. It's truly not debatable.

    Educate women in Northern Africa, free them from muslim or tribal conervatism = less kids.

    On a more close to home level. My mom was a practicing Catholic ( culturally conservative). 4 kids.

    Her 4 kids are all atheists. 1.5 kids per. Every fucking time.

    Go Sox,
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  17. Careful now. The Eloi will need Morlocks. If the Morlocks cannot breed, the Eloi will be in deep shit.

    As an aside, its funny how many Morlocks think they are Eloi.

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  18. OP.... That is a great film. I was more than a little intrigued with the story line which you rightly describe as a number of hard core environmentalists who have had a change of heart regarding nuclear power. The film also does a great job explaining the different types of nuclear reactors and why there was a rush to build the less safe version. We now have the technology to build truly safe reactors...but alas, no political will to do so.

    With regard to the sentiments about population control I have a simple question and then a proposition.

    The question- Whom shall choose those of us worthy of reproduction?

    The proposition- If you believe the world is presently overpopulated and it is such a moral conundrum, maybe you should volunteer to jump overboard? ;)
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    Really neat one here:

    This one really pounds the point home too:

    I suppose I could go on but it gets redundant.

    I am hopeful that we will not have to think about deciding who can or can't reproduce because culture may just get us there. I remember reading in Freakonomics how a study in India, I believe, showed that women with access to Television had lower birth rates. Every step towards modernity and against the old ways leads to lower birth rates. Tehnology may be the best defense against overpopulation.

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  20. charles what happens when your wife is brilliant and smoking hot? just to further the ass hatness, how did your siblings get the .5 kid?

    lower consumption most likely is not going to happen, look around and literally see the ratchet-up impact us everyday.

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