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  1. Obviously white males...:D:p

    Seriously, it was a good film - really enjoyed it.
  2. Funny you should ask Jersey, my wife happens to be quite fine IMO and quite brilliant (although her tenacity may be her best trait). We have 2 kids and will have no more. So with an N=1 in my study that will lead to her reproducing at less than replacement rate. Not statistically signifigant but neither was the horseradish thought behind Mr. Allen telling me I was incorrect.

    Now on to the 1.5. My mother has 6 grandkids and 4 children. That is an average of 1.5 grandchildren per child. Although she roughly doubled replacement, none of her children have gotten to replacement levels and given our ages it is unlikely any will. All 4 went to college (education) with 3 graduating and 1 has her masters (2 children).

    Go Sox,
  3. Charles is correct, empower women and family size declines. I actually like the idea of no tax credit after 2 kids.

    Nuclear reactors are cost prohibitive ( with external costs beyond our lifetime). How about mandatory solar panels on any new structure and tax incentives for retro-fits. Distributive power generation is the future. Oh wait, that will cut into peoples profits, we can't do that.
  4. As a white male....I might be OK with that. :)
  5. I have been researching solar for my house. It looks like I should be cash flow positive immediately, even w/o factoring the increase in home value due to conspicuous conservation.

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  6. Bang! I think you nailed it on both counts. Nuclear is prohibitively expensive.

    Lately I've been thinking about this distributed power concept. What if building regulations required every new house to produce power via wind, solar, geothermal, etc. In a world (as defined in this bizarre thread) where government controls your reproductive system, this should be acceptable.
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  7. people should reproduce as they see fit
    people should use less power or generate their own.
    they should drive vehicles that fit their lifestyle ( if you don't tow you don't need an f 350)

    It's all about personal responsibility...
    Nuclear power is irresponsible..

    nuclear waste has a half life about 10,000 times longer than any government has been on the planet. therefore no government can keep those wastes safe and secure because no government will be around long enough to do so.

    how that for a shotgun blast of rant???
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  8. Wow! I sure am glad some of youaren't running this world or nation. That would be some effed up SH!t! Not that I'm down with the current situation but daaangggggg!
  9. One more thing to consider, Japan is closing their nuclear plants ( because of Fukashima), and building hybrid generation plants that burn coal or natural gas.
  10. Rob; I hope you understand what that means.

    Consider that each smart phone requires about the same amount of power as a refridgerator when you consider all the servers required to make them functional. It is simply impossible for us to conserve our way out of the need for more power unless you plan on giving up most of your comforts and are willing to wreck our economy. It is certainly worth watching the flick to understand what is at stake. Again this is from a guy who spent his time protesting nuclear power in the 1960's and 70's.

  11. Currently Natural gas is the quickest source of new power (also most economical) and certainly much cleaner than coal. Japan however is not closing all of their nuclear power plants. Some certainly will not be able to restart and a couple of others should not be although they could.

    Bottom line is they got tired of not having AC during the summer and natural gas was the quickest way to get the needed power.

  12. then let our system crash,,, nuclear power is the worst possible scenario... better we all go back to candle power than more nukes.

  13. PS fundamentalist christian 0 reproduction...

  14. I'd be curious about the factors, tax credits, sale of excess power, savings on other power sources, etc, that lead to this outcome.
  15. Essentailly you get a tax credit, that is really a rebate from the feds for 25-30% of the cost. From that point forward you will recieve enough selling power back to the grid to collect more than you borrowed on your rediculously low interest loan. Contact a solar dealer in your area. They'll be happy to show you.

    I have recently been discussing this with a very succesful and thoughtful spec builder who would love to put solar on his homes. He has made them "solar ready" but that did not sell the home. He feels like it would be a great selling point if he could get banks to factor in the financial advantage for the prospective buyer/ borrower. Unfortunately, the added upfront costs have made the homes more expensive then other similar homes and most bankers are unable to grasp the concept that a solar home will generate money. They understand nice kitchens and decks but solar just does not compute.

    Banks....single handedly setting the US back.

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  16. There was a program here for a while where one of the big power companies (Gas) combined with government to offer a full solar set-up for your house with 0% finance and no little or no deposit thanks to the rebate.
    (I think final cost was 3 to 6 K)
    Excess power was sold back to the power company via credit on your bill.
    This was hugely successful because of the extremely high cost of electricity here and lots of people took it up.
    Then the government drastically cut the re-sell price and lowered the rebate and everyone stopped doing it.
    surprise surprise surprise. :rolleyes:
  17. It's NUCULAR, guys.
  18. I'm confused. Is this supposed to be a red neck joke?
    Enjoy your candle power...I hope you are good at processing whale oil, because you certainly won't get any parafin without electricity.
  19. Old, very old joke.
    Guy walks in the neighborhood barber shop, sits down in the chair for his haircut and the barber says "well Rufus what do want to talk about today"?
    Rufus:, Oh, I don't know, how about lets talk about about nuclear energy.
    Barber: Wait a minute. Before we get started on nuclear power, answer me this.
    A cow eats grass in the field, and shits a big sloppy cow paddy, right?
    Rufus: Right.
    Barber: Then a horse eats the same grass outa that field and shits these hairy round balls, ok?
    Rufus: Yeah, well
    Barber: Now along comes a rabbit, eats the same grass, outa the same field, and yet he shits a bunch of these little bitty round turds. Now why is that?
    Rufus: DamifIknow
    Barber: See there Rufus, you don't know shit, and you want to talk about nuclear energy!

    I thought this thread was about nuclear energy, not reproduction rights. If you want to rant about the latter, how about starting a new thread?
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  20. A quote from the great Homer Simpson ?

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