NFR Outback vs CRV vs RAV4

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  1. I'm looking for input on an upcoming new car purchase - Outback vs CRV vs RAV4. I need room for 3 kids and medium size dog for driving around town, fishing day trips and frequent drives in the snow (AWD preferred). Any and all input appreciated.
  2. The Mazda CX-5 trumps either one those rigs. Go drive all 3 on the same day and you'll see what I mean. The CRV would be my second choice but I could never abide something as hideous as the new RAV4.

  3. You may want to take a look at the 2013 Escape. We just bought one. It is not AWD but auto 4X4, it switches to four wheel drive when it detects wheel slip.

    There's plenty of room for three kids plus your dog. The rear seats fold down if you need additional cargo space.

    We bought it to replace my wife's 1995 T-Bird that got terrible gas mileage with its V-8. The new Escape has a 4 cylinder motor called Ecoboost but you'd swear the sucker was equipped with at least a 6 cylinder. The turbo charger makes a big difference. We bought the one with the smallest engine and the advantage of the motor is 20 MPG in town and 34 on the Hwy. But I'm telling you, the thing hauls!

    Personally, I don't need a rig that responds to voice commands but it's my wife's rig and she loves it.
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  4. Gene, that Ecoboost stuff that wrings monstrous HP out of tiny engines scares me. Putting 10# in a 5# sack has never been a good idea. Sure, it runs good now but the future of that engine and it's maintenence requirements are still unknown. Plus the Escape is almost as butt ugly as the RAV4. What's with all these new utes that look like they should be in a video game or a Mad Max movie? When did ugly become popular-when everyone discovered they were obese and awkward and wanted a car that mirrored their appearance? There are some real monstrositys in showrooms these days and it doesn't have to be, good coachwork cost no more than bad.
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  5. IMHO ugly became popularized when Nissan and Subaru entered the American market. They have both put out scores of vehicles that appear to have been designed inside and out by a committee of monkeys. And more recently a committee of fat monkeys. Who else could make some of these decisions?

    Apologies in advance to any monkeys that feel I am discrediting their abilities.

  6. I'm a subaru guy, but I will keep my 2001 running. The new ones are butt-ugly!
  7. Actually, I don't think the new design is butt ugly. It's a "cross over" style that is basically made for aerodynamics more than looks. The box style of a typical SUV, like my 2000 Explorer, isn't all that aerodynamic.... it looks good but lacks at the gas station.

    The ecoboost engine has been in the works for many, many years. As warranty administrator for the dealership, I keep tabs on what vehicles have the most claims because they are the ones with the most problems. Other than the stupid Sync system from Microsoft that is installed in the Fords, the new model Fords have very few problems. Their quality is on a par with the imports. I process very few Ford claims these days. And the ones I do have to do with the first Sync systems.

    The 2012 Escape looked like a small SUV but the mileage wasn't that great.

    So... you can either go with a SUV that looks like a SUV and deal with the lacking MPG or you can go with a vehicle built for better MPG. We decided we needed to go with the MPG aspect.
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  8. I just picked up a new Forester for roughly the same purposes as you've mentioned. Pretty happy with it so far. I also looked into the RAV4, CR-V, and CX5 (as well as the 4-Runner and Highlander), but the deciding factors were the cargo capacity of the Subaru as well as the general handling and full-time AWD. The Outback technically has more capacity than the Forester, and of course it's sportier (and spendier), but the layout of the Forester better suited my needs.
  9. I just test drove a new Outback yesterday while out and about since my 2000 is getting into the high mileage range. Except for it being an automatic transmission and new shocks, I couldn't really tell any significant difference between the new one and my old one. At 187k miles, it's hard for me not to be a Subaru fan.

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  10. I have a forester and its a great ride.
    I can tow my 16 toon anywhere. Its an excellent all around AWD vehicle. I am 6'4" and i have plenty of room.
  11. Quite fond of my Outback. 9" of ground clearance, 31MPG on the highway, sequential AWD, CVT transmission, Descent controls, TC, blah, blah, blah.

    It's comfy, and goes anywhere.

    I have no experience with the other two rigs.
  12. The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the right choice for me. Handles great with great turning radius making parking in tight spots a breeze. Good ground clearance for going on some not so well maintained logging roads (it's one of the few SUVs out there that you can actually take off road), great 4WD system, good room for me at 6' in the drivers seat (not great for my teenagers in the back seat). The engine is powerfull, but the downside is poor gas mileage. I've had no significant mechanical problems at 125K. I know lots of people drive theirs over 200K.
  13. Howdy,

    To weigh in my $.02. I have a 2007 Impreza. It's a very rudimentary vehicle, it's ok, but I think their are better built vehicles on the market! Good luck!
  14. I made the same choice a year ago including needing to haul 3 kids in boosters, pull a boat, high ground clearance, lockable differential, reliable, high gas mileage, etc. I picked the 2013 Outback hands down, and 10 months later I'm still very happy. Price for my Limited 4-banger with no sunroof was $30,100, which was also lower than all the comparables. My choice was about pure utility of features and value for money, not aesthetics, horsepower, self-image, etc. That thing just does what I need it to do with no hassles.
  15. I have an Outback. Gas mileage is great and I am able to fit 3 car seats in the back row. It drives great in the snow. The Outback handled a lot better in the snow than the CRV I drove in the snow.
  16. SUBARU!!!

    I have a 2001 Legacy Wagon (not the Outback) fishin rig..........345,000 miles and still runnin' strong!!
  17. Right libadisos: Not all AWD systems are built alike. A few companies have true AWD systems where each wheel applies traction independently (Audi, Subaru). Others like Honda and Toyota actually employ a system, if my memory serves, that is front wheel drive running as one system, with a second system in the rear. But that rear system cannot do things like take over 100% of power from the drivetrain. It's sort of a secondary system. That's what I read once. Correct me if I am wrong someone.
  18. Check out for real life gas mileage over a wide sample of vehicles. I was surprised at the great gas mileage that people were posting re their Outback. Fuelly lists and average of 24.5.

    I have been in the same boat and am leaning towards the Subaru Crosstrek or CRV. Right now i drive a bulletproof 2000 4Runner. However in winter I get five trips up to the ski hill at Mt Baker and that hurts.
  19. You guys don't know what an "UGY" vehicle looks like. I have an that's ugly! I'd buy another one if they still made them. Easy to clean out and can handle four 6 ft+ guys in waders with lots of leg room and AWD.
  20. This man knows his vehicles.

    I subscribe to Automobile, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend. Every review I have read places the Mazda CX-5 above all the rest of the vehicles in it's class including the new Escape and the new RAV4. The CRV although older that the Escape and RAV4 comes in second based on ride quality and handling.

    You owe it to yourself to try the Mazda vs your other options. The vehicle will sell itself.

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