[NFR] Oyster recipies!?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Brian James, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I just went shucking last night and now I need to cook 'em up.

    I've got a few recipies of my own, but I wanted to try something new. Maybe some type of stew or chowder?

  2. Try food.com. There should be plenty there.
  3. Thanks, wow - why didn't I think of that.

    I've found plenty online, I was hoping someone might have one they could personally attest to.
  4. Rinse them thorougly. Beat an egg (or more if you have alot) and put in a bowl. Put flour in a second bowl. Dip the oysters in the egg and dredge in flour. Let sit for 10 minutes and then fry in oil (I use olive oil) until golden brown. It's my Aunt Lucy's recipe. She used to live in Oysterville, Washington so she should know! Some cooking ale will help (for the cook). Enjoy!:beer1:
  5. That sounds really good, thanks. I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes.

  6. Worked out good, thanks for the recipe.
  7. What happened to the Oyster slide?
  8. You cook 'em??

  9. Raw is best, but second-best is a few minutes on the BBQ. Just get 'em hot, they might start to open, but it's not necessary. The heat condenses the liquor and tightens up the meat rather suggestively, and gives the whole thing a sweet flavor. You might blush when you eat them this way!;)


  10. Yea, if you can keep'em in the shell the bbq is awesome. I allso want to mention, that although I will probably be in the minority, I feel that this post is entirly fishing related(not fly fishing, but fishing) Oysters,crabs,berries and mushrooms frequently sneek their way into my fishing, and I think its better fishing for it.
    ps when you melt your garlic butter and lemon pour a little port or sweet cherry into the mix...OH YEA
  11. Shucking was your first mistake! ;) I'll third the nomination for the BBQ. Get a good set of coals going and set them flat side up so the juices pool up in the deeper side of the shell. Once a few start to pop they should all be about done. Take em off and have some clarified garlic butter ready for dipping. Not sure if I can say this here but the word "mouthgasm" is the only way I can describe the experience! :cool:

  12. I'd rather have not shucked them, but it's the law to leave the shells on the beach. BBQ is the best way, I think to eat them, but I couldn't really go that route this time. Oh well.
  13. Didn't know that about leaving shells behind. Down here in Orygun we don't have much opportunity to collect our own. There are a number of oyster growing operations in coastal bays though. My favorites are the Kumamoto variety grown in Netarts Bay. MMMMMM!

  14. Yeah you have to leave the shells on the beach around here. I talked to someone about it and I guess the shells of the old ones have "seed" oysters on their shells. The next gen.
  15. Get muffin tins, you know with the little cups indented, then fill each with a little chunk of butter. Heat the oven to 400 on bake. Roll the oysters in bisquik and mix in your favorite spices, I use only jonny's seasoning salt. Place each oyster in its own muffin indentation after the butter has melted. Cook them for 10 minutes on one side and then flip them for another 5 minutes. Enjoy! This is easy, and delicious :p
  16. About the only way that I would eat them things,is that I was "three sheets to the wind" and not have any clue as to what they are. Did the shooters thing once. Not to bad if they go right down and you don't have to chew them.

    This is something that I don't understand,I live in a area that is rich in sea food and I don't like any of it. I don't eat Halibut,Smoked fish of any kind,Baked fish of any kind. But I do Skipper's about once a year. Hate the taste of crab and lobster. But I do like shrimp every once in a while.

    Just a little history of what I am.


  17. You probably should have been a bow hunter then. Meat and Potato type...heh?
  18. :p :p :p :p :p

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