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  1. when my Grandfather passed away some time ago, my Dad gave me some of his stuff. Among this things was his pipe collection.

    I am not a smoker, but i have on rare occasions in the past smoked a pipe or cigar with friends. I find myself wanting to load one of my grandpa's pipes up during a cold day on the river and puff on it while i ponder the imponderables....If a fly had no wings, would it be called a walk? Must the fly box i leave behind invariably be the one i need? When the parsley farmer goes bankrupt, do they garnish his wages?

    Does anyone have any advice for some pipe tobacco (both what a good choice would be and where in Seattle I could get it)?

    I don't intend for this to be a regular thing, so the rare pipe tobacco (you know, the "aged between the thighs of a beautiful Andalusian virgin living in an oak hut" kind at $500/lb) is definitely lost on me. Something smooth and non-bank-breaking?

    Thoughts? Thx!
  2. Try some "Captain Black's White". Mild and should be readily available @ $6/$8 a pouch.
  3. I have my Dad's old pipe and about a year ago, I decided to do the same thing. I changed my mind when I found a pouch of Borkum Riff for $12.00 pre tax. Better for my asthma anyway.
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  4. I order special blends in bulk from a site in Georgia. I've tried all the prepackaged pipe tobacco and Borkum Riff is okay and so is Captain Black. However, if you end up getting into it, the specialty blends are much superior.

    A few things I've learned over the years....

    The darker the tobacco, the milder the smoke -- just the opposite of what you'd think. The light colored tobacco normally burns much hotter and has a bite.

    If the smoke of the tobacco smells good, the taste is normally terrible. Whatever they add to make pipe tobacco smell good destroys the taste. Beware of cherry tobacco.

    A slice of apple in the tobacco container will help keep it moist... dry pipe tobacco burns fast and therefore creates a smoke that bites.

    You get what you pay for. There's a reason some tobacco is more expensive than others.... it tastes better.
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  5. google "Kirstens Pipe". They are in Seattle at a couple different locations.
  6. thanks everyone! special props to Bitterroot for adding the Tom Robbins quote. My favorite from that book is " a pink wink of panty" :)
  7. .. "aged between the thighs of a beautiful Andalusian virgin living in an oak hut", brings back memories of the summer/fall I worked in Seville.
    Try some "aromatic" house blend, usually mild and nice to puff on...
  8. Ahh give me some Amphora Red pipe tobbaco, almost ready to get out my old pipe.
  9. Borkum Riff, for "the most interesting man in the world"! I'm partial to Balkan #2, if I can find it. Stuff smells like tweeds, leather slippers, and Kaufmam's old shop!!
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  10. Erinmore Flake.... mmmm
  11. Like I said, I order my pipe tobacco in bulk online from Payless Pipes and Tobaccos. They sell pipe tobacco and pipes from all over the world. My primary tobacco is Villeger-Stokkebye PS #201 Black Cavendish. Sometimes I'll mix it with Villeger-Stokkebye PS #24 Nougat. Out of all the pipe tobacco you can buy, Black Cavendish is the mildest.

    They also sell common pipe tobacco in tins and packages and the shipping is free. But if you want the best tasting, mildest pipe tobacco, buying in bulk is the way to go. It must be a small shop because they always send me a personalized e-mail when I place an order. If I try something new, as I once did, they'll sometimes tell me to smoke it slowly and not puff on it. And they were right when I ordered some English tobacco and the stuff is so strong it will blow the lint out of your navel.

    I only smoke my pipe outside or in my ventilated home office. My wife isn't too happy about the smoke but I was smoking a pipe when she first met me 40 years ago so she knew the job was dangerous before she took it.
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  12. Living here in the East I have also found that pipe tobacco of any variety is also the best defense against black flys and mosquitos.
  13. I smoked a pipe for 15 or so years before giving it up. Mine are also stored in a shoebox that my kids will find when I'm gone. I would advise take your Grandfather's pipe to a good pipe shop and talk to them. Try (sample) a few different tobacco blends while you are there. Each time you return to the store, tell them how you liked, or disliked the the last stuff you tried, sample something different & buy a few ounces each time you visit the store. A half pound (8 ounces) is a lot of tobacco, used to last me two or three weeks.
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  14. FK Kirsten in Seattle (Westlake/Denny) has a decent selection of loose tobaccos. Their Mariner Mixture is popular, and quite pleasant!

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