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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by John Dude, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I'm thinking of getting a compound bow for hunting. I've always been a recurve bow shooter in the past, but when hunting season has rolled around, ended up hunting with a rifle every year.

    I have about 400$ to spend. I see the Diamond Infinite Edge is available as a complete package for 350$, and the PSE Stinger 3G as a package is 400$. Does anyone have experience with these and can advise me on which is better made, easier to shoot and/or aim, and easier to carry around in the woods?

    My recurves have all drawn between 30-55 lbs, but I have trouble holding aim beyond a minute or so if the draw is over 45 lbs.

    The statistics on Cabelas web site show almost the same size, weight, speed and letoff numbers for both of these models

    I would put this in Cast and Blast, but I hope to get better viewings here.
  2. this is a fly fishing forum
  3. Happy with both my Athens compound bows. Feel free to PM me if you'd like
  4. Pm sent
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  5. I just bought a G5 Quest Rogue complete package (excellent condition but used) on the eBay's for $280. I'm new to archery, but everything I've heard and read says proper setup is more important than the actual bow. Bonus for me was that the bow came from an archery shop on the east coast and they set it up to my specs before shipping. There have also been a lot of slightly used bows on CL around here lately... Good luck!
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  7. PM sent, John.
  8. Yup....That's what I did.
    Actually, I was looking for a second-hand bow and they had a shop employee bow exactly what I wanted, and completely outfitted.
    Compound bows are like golf clubs, new technology every year and a 2-year old bow shoots just fine.
    John at TNP has probably spend 2 hours helping fit and tune my bow, install new sight.
    Great shop.
    Jim Thompson is going to shoot Nationals this year.
  9. Have you considered a different type of recurve? Trad tech Titan, das dalla, warf? Simplicity of a recurve with amazing performance.

    If you go th compound route highly recommend buying used and sticking with a name brand such as Matthews, Hoyt, Bowtech, etc.
  10. Thanks for the postings and PMs. I emailed the question above to TheNockPoint, but they have never replied. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the PSE and Diamond bows and can advise me about their quality?
  11. You must be new here. It also serves hunting topics as a side subject. See the Cast and Blast page and you'll see what kinds of questions are asked. I posted here because I've found the people on this forum to be generally experience outdoorsy types, and I value the input
  12. I shot a lot as a kid, just got my family started.
    Wife and one daughter have PSE bows. Very nice, easy to use and tune so far.
    One daughter has a Diamond. Very nice, easy to use and tune so far.
    I have two Athens. Best of the bunch, best of the bunch. When ready, I will seek Athens options for each of them.
  13. I'm also in the market for a bow...:rolleyes:

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