NFR: Simple, cheap and very effecive yellow jacket trap

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Oh yeah, those electronic racquets are a blast. But if you have a critter buzzing around your head, don't accidentally smack yourself on the ear.... :eek:
  2. Wow! I didn't even know about these. I've been missing out on a lot of fun! When I lived on Oahu, I used to use a pea shooter on the big cockroaches that came out of the rock wall along our driveway in the evening. That was a lot of fun, and safe!
  3. The yellow jackets come with the pinks. The larger the pink run the better the yellow jacket crop. I have no evidence of this, but I'm sure they are related.
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  4. Oh christ, you aren't kidding. Those f-----s hurt like hell. My son and I got hit the other summer while fishing a little stream. It was like getting stabbed with a hot poker and swelled up considerably.
  5. The "bag over the nest when the critters are dormant" works well. I'm a house painter. Most of the aerosol poisons leave an oily residue that hinders paint adhesion for a week or so. Of course I only find nests when I get onto a job. So I just amble in early the next morning, cover the nests with a container and cut it off with a putty knife, hornets and all. The trouble is that not all the hornets will be in the nest. Some invariably will not have made it back to the nest the night before and just lie dormant somewhere until the sun warms them later in the day. They show up at the nest site and go right to work rebuilding. Tenacious doesn't begin to describe them. It's usually only a couple of bees by then and I've gotten pretty good as swatting them with a putty knife (which makes a very satisfying PING!) or, if I have a brush with paint on it, get even get a dot of paint on them and they go right down where they can be scraped into a paste under your shoe.
  6. I was sitting in my kayak, on a warm summer day, sipping a cold one, when I spied a small object hurtling directly for me....from about a hundred yards out. I figured it was a small dragonfly...they like to perch on the boat, or my idle flyrod, from time to time.

    Then, I thought to myself (as best I could, with my beer-soaked mind) that this thing seemed rather focused and determined...dragonflies flit about even when on an intercept vector.

    At about 20 feet out, I had intimations of trouble, which were confirmed when the little SOB stung me in the adam's apple a second later, then circled to my rear and zapped me on the back of the neck.

    Apparently I must have incurred the little bastard's wrath by making direct eye contact at some point. I retreated with what little dignity I could muster, and spent the rest of the afternoon at the far end of the lake....while watching the shore with considerable trepidation.
  7. You know, wasps and hornets really take away from my ability to relax and enjoy a fishing trip. Its my phobia for sure. Any good spray (deet, off, etc) to use on trips to keep those sob's away?
  8. Old timers call them humpy flies...and swear by what you say.
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  9. Yeah... If you can't catch a pink on a skated Mcginty fly, you can't call yourself a fly fisherman..
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  10. I take two garlic gel caps (with the oil inside) every morning before I go out fishing (spring through fall). It works great for all bugs.
  11. And other fishermen.
  12. :p

    Surprisingly, you can't smell it, unless you practically stick your nose right up the skin. However, if you don't drink plenty of water, or eat something, you burp garlic for a while until you do.
  13. I'll have to remember to take a couple on 'date night' with the Old Lady.
  14. Built a couple of these this evening. They work great! Thanks I've, Ken

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