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  1. I currently have a Honda Foreman 450 4x4. It's pretty handy around the ranch and is invaluable for running forest service roads for grouse hunting. But it limits being able to bring the dog or someone else if I want to. I've been looking at a side by side UTV as a possible step up. Can Am Commanders, while quite the vehicle, are pretty pricey. Polaris has two models that appeal, one being the Ranger 500EFI. It seems to cross the line between utility and sport rather well. The RZR appeals to the little kid in me that wants to go fast and catch some air, but it doesn't carry much of a payload.

    I'm checking in with the members to see what their experiences have been with UTV's. The good and the bad and any insight to what works and what doesn't. I already see them being less agile in tight places that the 4x4 can navigate. But to take off with the Mrs. or a Grandchild, even the dog would be fun. Add to that the carrying ability and dump bed and I think it might be a decent upgrade.

    Whatcha got...?
  2. Put a box on the front and load your dog into it. Polaris now has a four seat ATV out there. Just about the price of a small car.
    Those Can Am ones are hard to find somebody to service them. People I know seem to go away from them.

    I have a 366 Arctic Cat. It does all I ask of it and then gives me change. You go up to high in CC's and you lose your gas mileage. This probably won't help you decide, but I put it out there.
  3. A lot of the guys I work with down south and in the midwest have the John Deere UTVs and use them for everything from moving around light aircraft to cruising down to the bass pond. Never heard any of them complain about them but my experience driving them is it is more like driving a golfcart as far as turning radius and such. And like OM said they cost what a small car does :\
  4. Last fall I was with a friend in Western Montana who had a Honda SXS we took it into the back country scouting for elk and had a blast. I got to drive it and performed very well and seemed to manuever easily over the rocks and small obstuctions in our path. They are legal on the streets here this part of Arizona it would be way more fun than a second car. They had two 4wheelers they got rid of for this unit.
  5. Driving an ATV is just about the most fun you can have on four wheels. I've been up and down hills I wouldn't that a car/truck on. Been through creeks and through snow, driving rain storms. They are a blast to drive. When I first got mine I was scared going 15mph. Now it isn't hard to get to the top of my speed range on my 366. I've had it up to 50 and that's fast for a little 4x4 that is about 4' Long by 3' wide and about 3' high. Plus you don't really need a road to drive on.
  6. We had ATVs on the farm... even had a diesel Polaris (not fast but it could sure pull) and when we wanted a go-anywhere vehicle I just found a Jeep Wrangler 2-door soft-top with half doors for about $4k. It has 33" tires and it's lifted (not sure how much but it's a BIG step in). It's not much wider than a 2-seat (side-by-side) ATV, was lots cheaper and it has a heater, a radio, windshield wipers, hard doors (with sliding windows) and can be used to go to the store. It can also be towed 4-down behind our RV. I've had it in sand dunes and rock gardens and it is pretty impressive. About 16mpg for the 4-cylinder SE (which we have).

  7. As you know Rick, I have the Polaris 400 which has been an excellent choice for us. the grandkids are out on it right now, going down to Big Twin to shoot slingshots across the lake. For our use it is plenty fast, has been very reliable, and with the plow, has cleared snow on our 500' driveway in Ferndale several times with no problems. It goes fast enough to scare me and in low range, I pulled our 12 dying heather plants last week. The dump bed is really handy around the place. It is at our Winthrop place for the summer and I know I will miss it at the Ferndale place. The 500EFI would be plenty of power for me, and I didn't step up to it simply because I didn't need any more speed and power. Rick
  8. Watching this thread... I want one, but DW says not until we get to MT.

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