WFF (nfr) Wff Hats!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. All hats / decals are out of stock now and I'm not taking orders. I'll announce when they are available again.


  2. WFF hats are in!


    Were do I send the money.

    Scott Salzer
    Micro Brew
  3. WFF hats are in!

    whats up with that one t-shirt that you wearing, at that one place, where that one movie was showing?
  4. WFF hats are in!

    Sweet! I ordered one on paypal...
  5. WFF hats are in!

    The shirts are ready, but I haven't ordered any yet. Soon.
  6. WFF hats are in!

    Those hats look great - I'm in for one. :thumb:

    Will they last until the end of the week?

    Thanks, Chris!
  7. WFF hats are in!

    "Will they last until the end of the week?" Should, but I can't say for sure. :confused:
  8. WFF hats are in!

    Got mine on order!!!

    Chris please include a decal... and it will go on the pickup!

    Thanks :beer2:
    (aka. Shawn)
  9. WFF hats are in!

    Chris, I ordered one with Paypal. Please include a sticker, thank you.

  10. WFF hats are in!

    If ordering via PayPal the ordering process does include a misc instructions area. Use that to include your decal request.
  11. WFF hats are in!

    Chris, awesome cap man! Will order at next paycheck.
  12. WFF hats are in!

    Sweet hat! :thumb:

    Just ordered mine - PayPal is SOOOO easy. Thanks Chris.
  13. WFF hats are in!

    Just ordered mine, Very cool looking hat Chris, looking forward to adding to my collection of well worn fishing caps. :thumb: :cool:
  14. WFF hats are in!

    I can always use another cap. Thanks for making them up.

    Rod :beer2:
  15. WFF hats are in!

    The price has been adjusted a bit to cover shipping costs which were estimated originally, and to help with the costs of those decals which everyone requested. Pretty cool, but those stickers are expensive so I talked the price down a bit and will split the cost of the new price. Thanks for representing WFF! :thumb:

  16. WFF hats are in!

    I definitely need a replacement! My WWF cap has seen a lot of use. :cool:
  17. WFF hats are in!

    Thanks for the order. They will all be in the mail tomorrow, shipped USPS priority mail.

    Regards, Chris.
  18. WFF hats are in!

    too late for an order? I want one, got any left?
  19. WFF hats are in!

    I have some left but they have been going pretty quick. The pickup is tomorrow so make your order tonight. Otherwise I'll be shipping again Thurs or Fri.
  20. WFF hats are in!

    Chris...Just used the PayPal option - way too easy!

    Thanks - I'll be proud and happy to represent WFF.

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