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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    Usually same day. I got held up getting them out before I left out of town. I'll be caught up tomorrow.
  2. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    Oh, I meant how long does it take USPS.. not you. I saw that the others were Priority which is 2-3 days usually. I think you sent mine out Aug. 1st and I'm still waiting for them to ship the darn thing...
  3. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    Most in the PS region get it in 1-2 days. You might be one of the three I have yet to ship. My bad.
  4. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    Just ordered one yesterday ... looking forward to it's arrival. One more hat to add to my collection ... my wife hates that!

  5. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    fyi Mac, the hats are out of stock as of last week. I put my new order in a couple weeks ago and expect them in the next few days.
  6. WFF hats! (Out of stock - more soon)

    Everything is caught up. If you're in the State, you should get your hat delivered in 1-2 days. John, your hat will probably take 2-3 days to get to Manchester.
  7. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Does the decal still come with the hat or is that seperate?
  8. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Comes with the hat. If I've missed including one with a hat order let me know and I'll mail one out.
  9. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Just ordered two (2) hats through PayPal and hope it gets to me before I leave for my annual visit to Washington. Will leave for Seattle (Kent) on Thursday Monday 30 August 2005. Staying at sister's until Monday 26 September 2005. Looking forward to fishing with some of you guys while in town. Thanks for making the hats happen.
    Bob Studen
  10. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Thanks, and no problem. I'd expect you will get them by Thurs or Fri.
  11. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Check went out sat. With a bit extra for site maintainance.


  12. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    ...and it's appreciated. Thank you. It'll be used towards some programming I had to outsource for the Tides area.

    Your hat along with a few others are going out tomorrow. Should be there by Weds / Thurs.

  13. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Let me know when the T-shirts or Golf type shirts are ordered. I would like to get a pair of XXL Hope it happens while I am in WA before my trip is finished. Thanks.
    Bob Studen
  14. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Brian showed me one of the Beanies.. got any grey ones with black stiching ? If so sign me up.
  15. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Ditto on the skullies I'll take one if they are vailable.

  16. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    I don't have that many on hand, but enough to offer them. $19 includes shipping.
  17. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Dude Chris do I just go to paypal? Sounds like first come first served on these bad boyz for now.
  18. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Yep on the paypal but wait for the link that I'm building now. I'll have it avail on the first post of this thread in a few minutes.
  19. WFF hats! (In stock again)

  20. WFF hats! (In stock again)

    Sorry if I'm being redundant, do you have beanies for sale as well? Already got my regular hat, but would like a beanie to.
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