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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Chris Scoones, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. Do you sell the decals separately?
  2. All beenies are sold now. All outstanding orders packaged and ship tomorrow AM. The remaining beenies were devided among the remaining outstanding orders to even up for the delay.

    Doubt I'll get beenies again. Some fit perfect, others a bit tight (although they can be stretched a little). I'll get the nice tan hats back in stock when I have time to order / pre-package to minimize future delays. Until then, sold out!

    Allison, not presently, no. I'm just about out of the decals as well but will try and get some more soon. When I do, I'll ship them seperately.

    Thanks guys,

  3. oooh, news hats cool:beer2: I want a new hat
  4. Any update on when new hatand stickers will be available again?
  5. It's that time of year again so I'll start working on getting more in. Usually takes a month or so.
  6. Just a suggestion, can the decals be had going the other direction? I've got one on the bow of the new boat, but it would be "swimming" backwards on the other side.

    No biggie, just a suggestion...
  7. What's this with the beanies. Do they have the little propeller on the top?????????????????????????????:p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  8. Part of what I'll need in the month to get it going again is getting more stickers. When I do I'll have them toss in some others going in the right direction for the other side of the boat.
  9. They are gone Jim, and I don't plan on bringing back those beanies. I will have an cold weather hat and the tan cap, possibly the cap in blue as well.

  10. OOooooo. I could use a new cold weather hat.

    Also can you get the decal in a gaint size so I can just paste it on the side of my truck. :clown:
  11. My question was just in gest. Trying to have a little fun. But I still do wear my cap with the logo on it and the patch on my vest. I advertise you in Montana. Along with the decal on my back window. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Jim :thumb:
  12. I know when the caps are ready again I sure would buy a tan and maybe a blue to go with it!
  13. Another shipment any time soon?
  14. Chris,
    I'll take a blue hat and a sticker for the old land cruiser, she is acting funny and I think it's the flu :confused: , maybe the sticker will help the drivers door handle stay on. :rolleyes:
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see blue cap and a cold weather hat. I'd be interested. I'm glad I got a beanie when I did....

  16. Got the cold weather hats (not beanies) in a couple weeks ago. Waiting on the standard tan caps and stickers. Then I'll start taking orders again. Soon.... :)
  17. So what do the cold weather hats look like?.

  18. Like this... :rofl:


  19. Chris,
    If this is the cold weather hat I think I need to change my order..........
    I going to need two.
    Can I get the optional coons tail/feather duster.
  20. I have to have one of those!! If only to confirm to the world what a lunatic I am!
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