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  1. (NFS: Not Fishing Silly)

    I like watching some of the winter Olympics but please, please let there be no coverage of curling.

    No offense to anyone into tossing stones and sweeping ice but the "sport" drives me batty. And I can't turn the channel! I keep watching the danged tossing and sweeping in hopes that I will eventually understand why in the world anyone would come up with such a silly game. It's like a dog with teeth clamped on my pant leg and I can't shake it off.

    So I sit there watching and watching hoping that something entertaining will happen. Maybe someone will fall on their ass on the ice. Maybe a broom will break. Maybe a hockey style ice brawl will break out with bodies flying and competitors using their brooms as fighting staffs.

    I never happens. Yet there I am... watching the screen... waiting... waiting... waiting...

    There has to be something more than what they keep showing!!!! That can't be all there is to it!
    What the hell am I missing?:p
  2. Gene I like where you are going with the brooms as fighting staffs.

    Take, for instance, the biathlon. On paper it sounds cool: guns + XC ski racing through a snow covered winter battlefield. But you watch it and it is way boring. They don't even shoot each other. I mean C'mon, at least change it to paintball with a central objective and different starting zones...

    Now curling and kendo, that sounds more like it, particularly if the end of the ice was the same as the very edge of this flat world. Men and women throwing each other off into space based on how far their granite slab went or how locked in ice combat they were.

    In curling's defense it is the one sport that I might still have some capacity to represent my country in.
  3. Curling is like chess, bocce ball, shuffleboard on ice...I love it!! :p

    I mean, except for chess, what else are you supposed to play until the ice melts? ;)

    Guess, there's always baby making. :oops:
  4. Winter or summer, I hate anything requiring subjective scoring from judges.
  5. Curling is a blast to watch... and takes a ton more skill than a play-action pass.
  6. I remember being forced to watch curling (because that's all that they were covering at the time) and just about shut off the TV. There's more to it than meets the eye. There was a show about it on a local PBS station, and it was explained a bit better.

    Kind of like NASCAR. If you don't understand fuel mileage/tire pressure/ wedge bar/track bar/track position/2 tire vs 4 tire won't understand NASCAR. It really is more than just who's faster.
  7. Wow , I thought they aired these shows so I would have a excuse to drink.
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  8. Why is that?
  9. Why do you need an excuse to drink. Just do it.
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  10. I vote for ice fishing as a new winter sport
  11. if these shows were mandatory in prison we'd have kinder gentler parolees, that would reach for the broom first.
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  12. Back home, every small town has a rink, heck even the hamlets do. Think of it as a way for men to get out of the house and socialize (drink) when they are too old to play hockey.

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  13. Maybe shots of hot cheerleaders would help. Certainly spices up a one-sided NFL football game.

    Kaiserman, you brought up an idea when you mentioned that you were forced to watch curling. I believe that may be an option for water-boarding as an interrogation technique.

    After watching watching the event for only a few minutes I was ready to give up any information anyone wanted if I was allowed to change the channel :)

    To tell you the truth, I record the event and use it as a sleep aid when I have trouble getting some shut-eye...
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  14. Curling is kind of like Crickett. I didn't understand it very well until I spent three weeks in New Zealand years back. During that time the World Championships were on and when I wasn't fishing, I was watching Crickett. It's addicting and Curling, while sort of bland in the sports realm, has some really great strategy involved and those guys and gals are so serious that you'd think the World's future was based on who wins or loses. Sit back and relax. It's the kind of sport that you can snooze through and come back to without missing too much.
  15. same people who invented curling invented golf......the scots have an interesting sense of humour....:)
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  16. Ah, curling. Learning some of the terms like: Hack weight, bumper weight, peel weight, take-out weight, eight ender, hog line, skip, vice, kizzle kazzle, freeze, draw, up, off, whoa... will probably not change your view of this sport, activity.
  17. One of my distant 2nd cousins in N Dakota was on the U.S. Olympic Curling Team a few years back. I can't remember who it was now. I heard about it and said, "Cool!" and then didn't think much about it after that. I've lost any interest I had in golf and shuffleboard, too.
  18. What they need is nude women's curling. Some of those gals are real attractive; sturdy, just like ol krusty prefers.

    Think about it....I bet you'd pay attention to broom action then.
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  19. Having competed in the Biathlon, I can tell you it might be boring for spectators (actually it's the fastest growing winter sports venue in Europe now), but it's anything but for us competitors. And it's anything but easy to pull off. Remember, your targets are 50m (167 feet) away and the prone target's about the size of a 50-cent piece. You have 5 shots to hit 5 targets, all the while wondering where all the oxygen in the atmosphere has got off to.
  20. if you watch the olympics on NBC you won't have to worry about watching any coverage of an olympic sporting event.
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