Nice Bull Trout from the "M" river

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Greg Holt, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. methow bull trout.JPG Seemed like too nice of a moment not to share. Didn't want to delay release in order to measure it, but would guess it at between 26" and 28".
  2. Beautiful fish, Greg. IMHO, your priorities are those of a true sportsman.
  3. That is an outstanding pic. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Beautiful fish, I caught a nice BT 1 year ago on the Met how, my avitar
    It was a nice surprise it put up a good battle but stayed down unlike
    Most of the steelies I have hooked! Thanks for sharing.
    Kelly Michelsen
  5. I bet that was a blast, nice picture man.
  6. Fantastic! Pic of the year in my opinion
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  7. That's a beauty !!!! Great photo too....
  8. Very nice.
  9. Very very nice Greg.

  10. One good headshake and you're thumbs gone:oops:.
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  11. THAT is how to handle a fish! It's a monster, too. Strong work.
  12. Nice fish! I really want to go target these at some point (I've never fished for them).
  13. That's a great picture on so many levels, thanks for sharing. You've captured the time of year context with the fall leaves. The dynamic water flow. Sense of scale with the rod. The subtle and similar similarities with the colors of the fish and the background. And I like the fact that the tail isn't visible, which adds to the picture, not detracts. And of course the sensible and ethical release.

    Sets a new standard for photos.
  14. I'm glad that you all could enjoy the photo, and I appreciate all the fine comments.

    You're right junkie, the "bull" in bull trout makes them very unpredictable once subdued, but what's a little (of my) blood where a great photo is concerned...
  15. That is a very cool picture. I really like that.
  16. Nice photo! That does it; I'll be chasing bull trout next time I'm out west. I have to see one in person.
  17. Great fish! Never hooked into one myself but am always hopeful. Awesome job on the handling :)
  18. I have caught and photo'd many, but never have I taken or seen a better pic than that one Greg. Nice!

  19. That photo should be in Northwest Fly Fishing magazine. Great shot.
  20. Agreed!

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