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  1. Tod Fossetta Sorry, I'm not set up for that.

    Does anyone know if the beach at Evergreen College is still open for fishing? I've heard yes, and I've heard no, any help would be appreciated.
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    you mean the nude beach? haven't been down there in ten years maybe.
  3. Tod Fossetta Sorry, I'm not set up for that.

    Evergreen College SRC"s

    I didn't know there was a nude beach, but there is supposed to be a fair amount of fish there, and I doubt there is much nudity going on this month.
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    Technically, the beach is closed to fishing by the College.There are signs posted to that effect up in the parking lot, and there have been some right down on the beach itself, but oddly, those disappear almost as fast as posted. It does get fished, and while it's discouraged, I don't know anyone who has been ticketed there. My own doppelganger has apparently even been seen there in the winter months when it doesn't pay to launch a boat. It can be good for coastal cutts, you just have to weigh the possibility of being harassed by the Evergreen Security against the chance to hook a few trout. I guess I'd say it's a well I wouldn't go to very often.
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    Evergreen College SRC"s


    After reading this post (and remembering the other calls we have received over the years) I called Evergreen College to discuss the closure issue with them. WDFW has regulatory authority to open and close fisheries in State waters........not the staff at Evergreen. After the discussion the college agreed to remove the signs from the grounds and allow fishing access. The dean of Science told me that the college began limiting access (apparently by fisherman only) many years ago to establish a "nature preserve". They now realize that they don't have the authority to close fishing. If they wish to restrict access to all users that is a different issue.....likely a very complex and legally binding issue since the college is owned by the people of the state. I also explained to them that the fly fishing community is likely the most environmentally conscious of all the current user groups......we are all on the same page. Evergreen is open for fishing.
    Larry Phillips
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    Thanks for taking the time to do that! I look forward to getting down there to check it out. I've only fished the saltwater beaches a handful of times and I've already found that access can be quite difficult in many areas.
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    just watch out for the crazy PETA hippies over there
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    Good lookin' out, fishcounter! Thanks for taking the time to get that sorted.
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    Strip a hemp fly and you'll hook up.
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    Heard its a fertile beach.
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    Evergreen College SRC"s

    Be careful of leaving anything in the car if you park in the campus parking lots above the beach. Especially don't park next to the trees. Last year I had my car broken into and all of my reels stolen. Apparently it's a common prowl area for meth heads looking for a few bucks for drugs. Next time I'll just tape a $20 to my windshield, that's probably all they got for $400 worth of reels.