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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Scott Salzer, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Hit a local beach in the AM today. Tide was out a bit, duh. If I had looked that the tide table, I would have known that it was going to be a low one. Had one dink on early on a popper. Fished a bit more and decided to join the beachcoming groups. I have a background, long time ago, in marine biology / taxonomy. Had a great time with the local kids exploring the beaches and pointing out the various critters.

    Back to the fishing part. Stuck with the popper and had some very nice swirls - at least they are there. I have to figure out that hook set on the popper. (Leland - private lesson at your favorite beach? I'll bring the single malt.) It is a hoot to fish the poppers and watch the fish hit them on the surface. The other usual stuff - eagles & osprey.

    Pretty morning to be out. Slight mist early, clearing later.

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  2. Where can I buy them poppers? I hear they are good and buying some will give me an excuse to buy a floating line as opposed to the sinking tip I have which I assume is not appropriate for poppers, unless I want them to pop briefly and drown and be inhaled by some fish that's unsympathetic to its plight.

    Unless I cut off the sinking tip, but won't that screw up the whole design of the line? Would it still cast as a WF floating line?
  3. One thing I've found with fishing poppers, at least for me, is that it seems to work best to just let the fish hook themselves.

    It seems like they either nail it, or they miss it. If they miss it, setting the hook probably won't do any good. But if they get it, then they're on...then I will try to set the hook and get a nice solid hookup.

    Just a thought. I'm sure others can contribute something much better.

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  5. Also I need to ask, does the WF 7 floating with a sink tip make sense for fishing in the salt? (6/7 rod...casts nice enough for my primitive skills, but I wonder) and If you don't mind....what about leader / tippet length?

    People (books) seem to to advocate these long tapering leaders plus a yard or two of finer tippet so it would seem to the ignorant (yours truly) that that's a lot of fine gossamer-like stuff that has to catch up to the line and a lot to deal with before one even has enough line in the water to cast with. This is the part of fly fishing that befuddles me the most.

    I suspect I am mixing up salt-water fishing from the beach tactics with fresh water wading in the river tactics. Thanks.
  6. Fortnately, it is a lot easier for the salmon as they are not as picky. A decent length of leader, (they aren't leader shy, so don't worry about strength versus visibility) Floating line with 7 to 9' tapered is just fine.
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  8. Guys:

    Thanks for the comments, truly appreciated. Just gotta get it nailed down.

    I was using the "under the left arm" two handed quick strip technique. I find that this keeps me from the trout "set the hook" method.

    Fortunately, the beach is 15 minutes from home, and only five minutes from the office - gotta move the office.

    Love to hit the salt.

    Keep at it and it will happen. Suggestions always welcome.

  9. If I recall Leland's previous comments re popper method correctly, he usually uses a slower strip. Just enough to leave a wake. I believe he also admits to a lower hookup rate than subsurface patterns. IMHO, the fun factor of watching the strikes is well worth it. Sort of a hopper for the salty set.

    I plan on trying it out on bass on the Snake for a bit tomorrow, but probably a much faster strip.

    P.S. - Leland, sorry if my memory was faulty.
  10. If you are fishing with a sink tip, a long leader defeats the purpose of the sink tip. With a sinking line or sink tip most people use a leader of 6' or less.
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  11. or even less than 3ft.
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  12. Yes, you are correct. I strip long and slow letting the current and belly pull the fly on a long tantalyzing swing.

  13. Thanks, that makes a little more sense.

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