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  1. another man who has "the touch".
  2. Nice looking work. I have to add that the Para 14 taper is one of my current favorites, give it another chance. Who's taper numbers did you use for the rod?

  3. Hey Mike, thanks for the encouragement... well it was taken from rod dna archive. so i'm not sure if it is reliable or not. i thought the tapper was for a 5wtDT but the rod seems bouncy on the casts and wont seem to load. i lined it up to a 6wt line and it seem'd beter but im not familiar enough with parabolics used for dry fly casting to really know what i got. My friend Joe is very into them but hes in idaho right now so i'll need to wait to compare.
    i guess i should check out your website...
    best Tony
  4. I like mine with a WF 5 on it. I also found that the taper likes a bit of a single or double haul when casting it. Be sure to slow down your rhythm and let the rod have a chance to load and unload. My rod seems to cast itself if you just let it have the time to do it. It's not slow but you need to let the rod work. May be we could get together and cast mine and yours together to see what you think. The taper I used was "tweaked" by Chris Carlin a maker who lives in Alaska.

    I just finished a rod for a friend who also chose the Para 14. He cast a lot of different tapers over the last year trying to find the right taper for his rod, the Para did the trick.


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