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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jered, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. I planned a 4 day weekend trip months ago to Leavenworth for my wife's birthday. She really likes snowshoeing and misses being in the snow... well not much snow so I'm thinking of packing the flyrods. I've wanted to try Rocky Ford for some time now. If anyone out there is willing to share some Rocky Ford Basics, please message me. I would really appreciate it. I can scrap some stuff together from the forum and websites... but it's a bit ambiguous.


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  2. throw scuds or wbuggers.
  3. Long fluorocarbon leaders at least 13 feet. Make sure your fly is above the bottom of the creek. If you can rest the scud on a rock in front of a fish. I like to use those small foam bobbers they make less of a disturbance. I have the best luck on a 14 tungsten back scud. Watch out for digging fish target them

  4. All secrets have been revealed. I have all the finesse skills of a bulldozer. So I like stripping/drifting Buggers in black, White and Olive (drab) in that order in a size 8 or 10. Gold bead heads are nice too.
  5. Hi Jered I'll be over at Epharta this weekend and will fish the yak on the way over on Saturday.
    Then on the other four days I will fish Rocky Ford. I take three rods set up with scuds, streamer, and
    dry fly so I can spend more time fishing and not switching setups. I'm the short old guy in a camo
    hoody. TIGHT LINES John
  6. Thank you all. The wife is excited too. I'll swing by Patrick's tomorrow and pick up some scuds.
  7. I was at Rocky Ford on Tuesday. Very sunny and spooky fish. Those that know seemed to do good. I asked one guy who was doing well and he said something about a "Mortgage Maker" fly. Any body out there know what that is?
  8. I went out yesterday again just for shits and grins. No love from any fish no matter what I threw at them. Gonna have to make my brain work harder to come up with the right combination. Lately nothing seems to work. But I wasn't at RFC, I was a little farther east. Montana.
  9. You got fish in Montana, Jim?
  10. I will be there MOnday (see other post) in an olive Outback. Highly suggest the scuds from the vending machine in front of the Fly shop in Ephrata (Desert Angler). Darce ties them just for Rocky ford and they WORK!!
    I will be in the middle section. Thick Mexican who only speaks English and I throw left.
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  11. Well they are here, but not for me. I guess that I'm holding my mouth wrong.
  12. Try the fish on the Cox-Kennedy spread on the Ruby... they haven't seen much action in recent years ;)
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  13. Put a fly on the end of the leader and see if things improve.
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  14. That's funny Charlie rofl1.gif
  15. Sometimes Jim forgets. :)

  16. Remember, stand on his right side for safety.
  17. We are gonna need pictures.
  18. Met Jered and his wife at RF today. I'll let him post the fishing report.
  19. It was good and cold out there today! Nice meeting a couple of you thanks for the info. After fishing a few spots we went up to checkout the upper bridge. Watched an 'old timer' land four big fish one after another!

    Also watched several fish not simply ignore my flies but turn in disgust. Looking forward to going back.

  20. one guy was killing them this afternoon in the middles section. I could tell he was throwing a double fly setup under a indicator. he was getting the fish that sit below your feet! he was on fire
    I caught 4 all day - I was not on fire. Barely smoldering

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