Non - resident Fishing License Fees

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  1. Just wondering how much a non res fishing license is for a day? Is there a 3 day option? Do I have to pay separately if I want to fish fresh and salt water?
  2. I overlooked that somehow. Thanks for the response.
  3. Those are a lot of bucks to fish for them small fish. I got a one day non resident license a few years ago in that state and it cost me almost 17 bucks. Plus I had to get the salt water also for one day even if I didn't fish there. If they are going to charge so much you would think the fishing would be better.

    Coming from one who used to live and fish there.
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  4. After moving to Europe I think that even the out if state full season fishing license fees are more than fair. I'm paying 60 euros (90$) per day on some of the waters I'm fishing and thats with a resident license. Granted it's some of the most amazing water you've ever seen but my costs for the summer could easily pay for 20 out of state licenses
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  5. Oregon out of state is like $142. Worth every penny.
  6. With the salmon and steelhead opportunities in this state, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as "small fish". In fact, my father in law came to visit last year and caught a good number of fish way bigger than he's ever caught in Montana. And that's coming from one who used to live and fish in MT. :rolleyes:
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  7. mtskibum ... touché
  8. I don't know. MT. Largest rainbow, 30 lbs. WA. 25 lbs.
  9. Chess vs checkers.
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  10. Funny, I was just looking up the same info for UT.
  11. 33 plus pounds caught below the dam on the Kootenai river near Libby. A larger one was brought in a few years back but some people said that he found it dead so no records were changed.
  12. Ha, I was going to go for a king then maybe a sturgeon, but you jumped straight for the win!

    Don't get me wrong, overall I would take Montana's fishing over Washington's (unless is could be salmon season all year) but I don't find the license prices to be too out of line considering the opportunities here. If we are just talking trout, obviously Montana takes the win.
  13. double post
  14. I sure wish they'd invent the North American fishing license... getting ready to retire and travel... sure would simplify things.
  15. Washingtons record rainbow is 29.6. So I guess close to Montana.
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  16. Sir, do you realize with the correct amount of petro and $, it can be.
  17. I stand corrected. I checked and the info I used was out of date.
  18. Post regularly to a UK based fishing board and what you can pay for a days fishing on a 'famous beat' is staggering. And that's only from one side of the river if I recall. The up side is the river banks are all well groomed and the number of rods allowed is highly restricted on any given day.

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