North Cascades/Stehekin area fishing photo request

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  1. For the last several months I have been working on a book project "The Best 25 National Parks for Fly Fishing" with Stonefly Press. I have written the chapter on the North Cascades and all I had left was to wait for the snow to melt and go get some good photos for the chapter since, unfortunately on most of my previous trips I had a poor P&S camera or an iPhone with me instead of a DSLR. I had planned a trip to Stehekin this week and another trip up Hwy 20 next week but tore my right hamstring badly and am unable to hike or even drive for more than about 30 minutes at the moment. So, I'm asking for some help, I already got a few good Skagit/Steelhead shots to include but need a few more.

    What we need are a few high resolution/high quality DSLR images:
    • One of the Stehekin River, with our without someone actually fishing it
    • Another in the Stehekin region of a lake, general landscape, the village, ....
    • One of a stream in the North Cascades, preferably Big Beaver or the ponds there
    • Another general shot of a lake or landscape in the North Cascades National Park off Hwy 20
    There is no money in the deal but you get a credit in the book and a free copy of the book. If you have some photos and would like to help out please private message me on the forum or mail me at
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  3. Look for an email from me later.
  4. Man... this place is going to be busy. First the Seattle Times.... now this. Good night!

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