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  1. I just got back from Idaho, but I really wanted to stay a while longer. I fished 4 days on the north fork of the CDA, and it was fantastic. Not only was the water in great shape, no waders were the norm, just shorts and sandals and 90 degree days. I nymphed with prince nymphs, golden stones and pheasant tails and caught a lot of nice cutties in the 10-16 inch range. I also caught a lot of fish on BWO patterns, small hoppers, and green drakes. 5-8 fish per hour, any time of day, with the biggest fish in the 16-20 inch range. I had to share the water with local floaters cooling off, which made for some nice ( and not so nice) eye candy, and Tuesday I had the distinct pleasure of hanging with a cow moose for about 45 minutes. She was about 50 yards upstream from me, just cooling off. Lots of people portaged their rafts around her, but she was basically undisturbed by their activity. I was in the river, and she walked the bank behind me and then crossed back on the down river side. It's hard to watch your drift with a moose behind you, and, needless to say, I missed a few nice strikes. I was on the north fork all the way from I 90 up to the 17 mile mark, and there is plenty of access on both sides of the river. I'll post some pics when my I Phone decides that it likes this new computer. All in all, a great time!
  2. good report...if you stay away from the campground, that moose won't bother you....
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  3. Posted a few pics!
  4. Is this section floatable with a pontoon? Is it worth floating, or should I just walk and wade?
  5. I believe on the North Fork, after July 1st, that fishing from a boat is prohibited, but I may be wrong. At any rate, there are numerous pull outs along the road, so, if things slow down at one spot, a quarter to half mile drive gets you to the next location. On the main CDA, everything is wide open. You can put in at the Kahnderosa campground in Cataldo and float to the mission, about a 2 1/2 mile float. The folks at the campground will drive your rig to the pull out at the mission (for a fee. Call ahead to make arrangements). That's about all I can tell you!
  6. I fished the river in June. My experience with moose was a bit different than yours. I was walking to the river in knee high grasss when I heard a rustling in fromt of me. Up popped a baby moose, then up popped another. My only thought at the time is where is Mama. I high tailed it back to the car. When I got to the car Mama was just coming from across the river. I feel like I was one lucky guy. The babies were no bigger than a big dog.
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  7. That cow got to within 20 yards of me. I had no place to go but further in the river if she decided to charge. Luckily, we both got along just fine! I was roll casting as I didn't want a whopper on my back cast!
  8. I believe the North fork of the CDA is my most favorite cuttie water
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  9. It's become one of mine as well! A 4 hour drive for some great times!
  10. Dude, looks like the fish is hooked on top of it's head! That's what you call "Weed'n out the gene pool."

    Looks like a great time!
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  11. I was up on the Joe all last week with similar results. The cutties on the west side of the Bitterroots are on!
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