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  1. I heard from someone the other day that there is some serious clarity issues on the north fork. Rumor has it that something broke loose in Boulder a creek. Can anyone verify this info. Supposedly you cant even see your feet in 6 inches of water
  2. I was on the North Fork last week to take some product review pictures. I was at the Whitman Road bridge and at Seapost; the water was fishably clear at at Whitman and moreso at Seapost (but that was before the rains of the last couple of days). Boulder River used to run clear except during the heaviest rains but quite a few years ago a mud slide occurred up the river which has plagued it ever since. Barring more rain it should clear up in three or four days. At this time of the year, the gauge height is a pretty good indicator; if it's on the way down, the river is usually quite clear by the time it gets down to three feet. Except under extremely bad conditions the river usually remains clear enough to fish above Boulder.
  3. I was there the other day and it looked like I expected. The river received a good sized shot rain late last week that would knock it out below the Boulder River.

    I also remember the late 90s and early 00s when it truly had clarity issues and I hope it never gets that bad again.
  4. I'm going out now to run some errands - I'll check it out and post
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  5. Drove by it yesterday (5PM) and it was completely silty and unfishabe (IMHO) starting by what I think is the Boulder river confluence.
  6. Damn I was planning on going out there tomorrow.
  7. from my source said it wasn't the same normal silt garbage. The only way he explained it was somefunky shit was going in the river
  8. I went out there yesterday hoping it had cleared enough after the rain on Thursday/Friday. The guage showed it dropped enough, but the river told a different story. Visibility was less than 6" at Hazel and crystal clear at Fortson. I assume Boulder is somewhere between those two?
  9. Here's a photo from Saturday.

    I'm sure many of you know the rock I am standing on while snapping this picture, but for reference the clear water is dumping in from Deer Creek.

    Poor visibility for sure, but the river was dropping at a decent rate.

    Quick fishing report: Slow. Although the weather was spectacular and I was able to have fun with a new switch rod setup.


    NF Stilly 6.22.2013.jpg
  10. Boulder I believe is the last little creek you cross before getting to Fortson
  11. Well-
    there appears to be something going on as the viz in Arlington at 1:00 was about 8" which - given the recent weather is a little weird
    I'll head up tomorrow and let you guys know
    something's up
  12. you guys with the questions should look at a road map - if the river is pukin' at Boulder Creek you need to know where it is!!​
  13. I know whetre it driving just csnt pinpoint in my mind typing on interwebz
  14. A little off topic but Does anyone have a reliable shuttle for the noeth fork?
  15. HMMMM should I still fish tomorrow below boulder? Not sure if its worth it....

  16. Google maps has it mislabeled thats probably why haha

    EDIT: and as far as your shuttle goes, I'll gladly do it for a float anyday you want
  17. Boulder Creek has periodically been plagued by a blue clay slide some distance above its confluence with the NF Stilly. I think it was the 1980 Christmas flood when it sloughed off a large chunk that bled year around for a couple years or so, gradually improving. At its worst, it pretty much puts the entire river out downstream of it. Other years it's only bad after a major rain storm event. Since recent rainstorms don't meet the threshold of major, compared to winter floods, I'd guess that it's a slide event again. How big, and how long it will last would require hiking up and having a look at it. That really sucks considering how little good holding water is upstream of Boulder.

  18. If I recall correctly the "slide" on Boulder Creek is located 6 to 8 miles upstream of the mouth of the creek in a wilderness area. Yes it is that blue clay lake deposits found through out the Stillaguamish basin. I agree that 1980 was significant event on Boulder Creek though it is my understanding the area had failed before that time. If a significant slide has occurred it may spew cloudy water the entire summer; if not so major it will likely clear as flows drop - at least that has been the pattern in the past.

    BTW -
    Boulder is the first significant creek crossing the highway upstream of "Hazel". Does any else remember "Hazel" being a train stop and the river at that location being on the other side of the Valley from the highway?

  19. I was there Saturday ,everything below boulder is gray with not much clarity ,above Boulder gin clear. Fortson was perhaps holding one steelhead and what looked to be a chinook.
  20. The whole river is shot for the summer.
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