North Fork Stilly Condition

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jun 24, 2013.

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  2. The river was too crowded with folks from the ant hill so some old curmudgeon triggered a slide...
  3. That's crazy. Cause Some tweakers on the upper sky just leaked some chemicals into the river and all the fish turned around and swam up the snoqualmie. Although there has no fish left the rock snot in the shallows will get you high. Not that I would know from experience.
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  4. Smalma,

    Hazel is a testament to the wandering nature of aluvial freestone rivers! I used to park my truck on the north side of the RR tracks at Hazel in a spot that is now well north of the north bank of the river. I've hooked steelhead where the dry gravel bar currently resides.

    I'm guessing that slide is closer to 8 miles than 6. I hiked up the Boulder Creek trail over 6 miles many years ago, past where the hiking/camping shelter is or was, and still hadn't come across it.

  5. I just looked at the boulder and it is puked. The NF below it looks like wet cement.
  6. Thats no bueno hopefully it clearz up rather quickly
  7. Salmo,
    The first steelhead I ever caught was a short distance below the Cicero bridge back in the day, when the bar was actually still on the southeast side of the river. I took two winter fish that day within minutes of each other and I'm still convinced they were both hanging behind the same rock.
  8. ne news on clarity?
  9. My guess is that it'll be dirty for awhile. In addition to the slide, the boulder's gonna get snow melt in it during this warm stretch.
  10. Was out there yesterday below boulder. Weather was great, few bald eagles around. Clarity was still pretty bad. Couldn't see my boots at all while wading in 8-10" of water. I took some pics I'll try to upload from my phone. Sorry in advance about the quality

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  11. I'd fish that confidently. Only fish known holding water, work it slow with modified off color water winter tactics and enjoy the peace of having the river to yourself. You will be surprised...the fish you encounter will be fresh/unpressured and even grabby. I've caught steelhead in water I couldn't see my shoes more times than I can recall.

    If I only fished when rivers were in text book condition I suppose I'd have more time to spend on here to beef up my post count and Internet credibility.

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  12. It's gonna be awhile.

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  13. I went out yesterday and there was 10 in to a foot of visibility. However I feel that fish can still be coaxed into moving in conditions like this. First this is different than the turgidity that we get in the fall and winter from rain and we all still fish through that. The fish have a easier time seeing up through this type of murk than during the fall, especially with the sun to help back light our flies. The fish are also more active right now than in the fall and more willing to move through colored water to investigate flies. Yesterday, while I did not catch anything, I did see a fish rise at a drifting leaf on the surface. Now a fish tjat will rise 3 to 4 feet through this water to nose a leaf will be willing to move half that for a fly. I am not suggesting anyone skate flies in water like this. just pu on something big and wiggly and fish it like it was the winter.
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  14. In addition to the dirty water, and in addition to the tribe locking up a bunch of land, c post is now closed thanks to the garbage dumpers.
  15. what?????????
  16. When did they put that in. I don't remember seeing it when I drove by this weekend.
  17. For the record I was fishing way downstream of C-Post Rd (where the pic of my boots was taken) -- near deer creek. I didn't make it up that far to see a gate, but if that is the case then that is unfortunate.

    I'm gone the rest of this week but I'll probably hit the stilly a few times the week after the 4th and keep this thread updated.

    Have a nice and safe 4th everyone.
  18. Who put the gate at C-post? That's a USFS road, at least the bridge is USFS, so should be accessible to the public taxpayers who paid for it.

  19. I heard about it and just saw it from the hwy as I drove by yesterday.
    From the Forest Service road conditions page...
    "SL0-5500 Mt. Higgins INACCESSIBLE
    NO PUBLIC ACCESS. This is road runs through private property with no public easement. There is a closed gate just before the bridge over the Stillaguamish River. Limited parking."

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