North Fork Stilly Condition

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. If the gate is right before the bridge there are a couple places to park. the above message makes it seem that way. Even if there is no parking there are other ways of getting to that water and it may be less pressured this way.
  2. I was told its just past the houses. And from my experience yesterday it's visible from the highway.
  3. This is some serious bullshit
  4. I usually fish down from Hazel anyway. No big deal.
  5. This is bullshit
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  6. A guy could launch or take out there in a pontoon - easy!
  7. C Post is down from Hazel
  8. have you noticed how fucked up the road has been for about a year
  9. I have to go about.2mph and zig zag to make in my civic
  10. The road has been fucked up for longer than a year. All the holding water in that area has been fucked up for over a decade. It's still bullshit.
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  11. up there this morning. running with 12 to 15 in visibility. the gate is a little ways before the bridge on c post and no parking right at the gate. There should be enough parking for two or three vehicles at the trail entrances near the road.
  12. see any fish?
  13. I got one hatchery hen (see gallery). I also saw a couple of big ass kings wallow at the surface.
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  14. good job on the fish
  15. Thanks. she fought like hell. ran straight at me twice , once almost going between my legs.
  16. Just got back from the stilly. Water has dropped a decent bit but its still cloudy. Did seem slightly better than last time.

    A trout took my muddler minnow, but no steelhead.
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  17. What kinda fly did she take?
  18. small purple and orange intruder. you can see it in one of the pictures.
  19. Had some time to play and went up to the North Fork today with a friend. Started at Hazel and the river is still very cloudy. 10-12" vis. Drove upriver and can confirm that all the color is coming in at Boulder Creek/River. Went up to Fortson and the water is gin clear and very low. No fish seen
  20. Just came back from the Stilly. Hooked 2 but could not land them. Water I would say is about 3 feet in visibility. Water still has a little bit of milk to it though. Seeing lots of fish rolling. Oh, and its really low.

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