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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by tom delaney, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. i have not fly fished in salt for more than 20 years where should i start ? I recently resumed fly fishing and tying after a long absence and so far i have limited myself to stillwaters.I want to start fishing river, stream mouths and beaches again. These forums have greatly helped me rekindle the fishing and outdoor love I pursued in my early adulthood 20s-40s. thanks for the support and inspiration
  2. Are you asking about gear, or patterns, or where to fish?
  3. where mostly and timing. also patterns to some degree have gear I appreciate any help.
  4. I would start with a few books. Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat by Chester Allen, as well as Richard Stoll's book Fly-Fishing Inshore Saltwater for Pacific Salmon. These are about the best place to start. Both have fly patterns and a lot of good information.
  5. I see that you live in Bellingham. You are in luck.

    There is a fine fellowship of gentlemen that operate a little fly shop down by the Marina called "The Confluence". On 5 out of 7 days of the week you could go down there, buy some materials or flies and pick the brains of a handful of local experts who also happen to be excellent conversationalists and extremely helpful. I owe a lot of my limited amount of knowledge to Ed, Scott, and Brandon and cannot over state what a great resource they are. Getting acquainted with them will be one of the best steps you could take in trying to figure out the Whatcom area.


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  6. Can't help you with spots as I don't fish that far north. Searuns are open year round and salmon fishing usually kicks into high gear in late July into the fall. Make sure and check the regs to find out what MA's are open.

    You mentioned you have gear. Do you have a stripping basket?
    If not, I'd highly recommend getting one. It will help you greatly with line management and make beach fishing much more enjoyable.
    I stopped by a popular south sound cutthroat spot on my way home yesterday. Three of the four people fishing weren't using stripping baskets.
    It was painful watching the lack of a basket kill their distance. They were having to make 5-7 false casts per casts while trying to pull their line out if the current. All those false casts will wear you out quickly versus making one or two at the most per cast with a basket.
    Good luck,
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  7. +1 on the stripping basket.
  8. Long Johns, insulated bootfoot waders, WF lines for shooting. Distance is very important. 9 ft. leaders are OK, with 3X flourocarbon tippet.
    It's not complicated. Stripping basket, stripping basket, stripping basket.
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  9. thanks to you all for responding. I especially want to add to to jasons post that the confluence fly shop has been a great help to my return to flyfishing in whatcom county.Last year i focused on my stillwater fishing and they were a great help to me. As i return to a more ardent pursuit of this sport I greatly appreciate these forums and the support you all are sharing with me and others.
  10. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. We appreciate all of your support. Tom, it was great to see you earlier this week and I'm glad to hear you're up and around. Stop by the shop anytime for the latest on the North Sound beach scene.
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  11. It's great to see a guy get back into flyfishing. Tom, I'd be happy to help if you have any more questions. Heck, I still have questions about sea-run cutts, and I've been pestering them pretty much non-stop for a long, long time!

    Good luck, fish when the tidal current is moving and have fun! Oh yeah, stripping basket!
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  12. Welcome back to flyfishing! I made my return last year and attempted the saltwater for the first time with a fly rod. Spend a few hours perusing these forums, lots of knowledge on gear, flies, and techniques.

    Good luck!

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