Northern New Hampshire Landlocked Salmon

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  1. This was one my favorite report so far on this forum. Different, and full of very cool pics. I think the coolest part about your adventure is that it wasn't some big name, bucket list type place. Just went to visit the in-laws and got a chance to see a tucked away, badass little fishery.
  2. Hahaha, thanks Pat, it was a great experience. It's awesome how many guys out here have experienced northern New England and its fish.
  3. Man, those are cool looking fish... one more thing to add to the bucket list. Nice Job!
  4. That looks like uber fun, did you catch them on dries? Man, get a 5 weight and i can do this all day.
  5. For the record, all my landlocked Salmon fishing occurred in NY state, not New England although the fish may have fattened up in New England water.

    Go Sox,
  6. Fishing the Northeast is a blast. It amazes me how relatively uncrowded the vast majority of the streams out there are, considering there are something like 50 million people within reasonable driving distance. I have spent entire days fishing multiple sections of the famous Willowemoc Creek (2 hours from NYC) without seeing another angler.
  7. I live in Southern NH and often make the drive up to the Pittsburg area ( 3 1/2 hrs) to fish the "trophy" waters of the state. Unfortunately, we have only 1 dam (Murphy) which is a tail water so most of the rivers and streams are impacted by summer temps. The fishing below Murphy (which is a CCC dam built in 1933) can be good all summer, but can also be very crowded. It may not seem like much to those who are used to big water, but the river below Murphy is only about 10-20 yards wide and had heavy vegetation up to the edge. In addition, the wading in many parts can be difficult. I have been there on some summer days when there have been many (too many) fishermen/women for me to feel comfortable. There are certain areas that get very heavy pressure and I avoid them at all costs. However, the fishing can be great. I target brook trout, but often take landlocks as well. The season is restrictive with most of the "designated" trout waters open from mid April to 10/15.
    There are also a large number of ponds in the area which fish well in May/June and late August to season's close. The ponds are best fished from a canoe or belly boat and can produce some great fish. The Androscoggin river on the Eastern border with Maine is a very productive fishery and many prefer it to the Pittsburg (CT River) area.
    I strongly urge those of you who might be in the New England area to take some time and give northern NH a try. I can really be a good time and there are a whole host of guides to show you the waters.
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  8. Ever try the Deerfield?
  9. The areas I was fishing were almost empty on Friday when I fished, but on the weekend they definitely had a ton of pressure. There was a guy in most of the runs I hiked into. The nice thing is that with all off the available water there was always a place to fish in solitude. I can't wait to explore more, including the Androscoggin. I'll also add Striper to the second half of the trip while I'm on the Cape. Until then, it's SRC, steelhead, salmon, trout, and Lingcod.....year-round fishing. I haven't even started exploring local lakes. Tough place to live huh?

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  10. I was thinking the same thing. Cool trip Steve, thanks for sharing! Let me know if you want to meet up to catch some chum sometime!

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