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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Patrick Gould, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Sierra Trading Post has the well reviewed TFO gear rods on sale. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys throwing the occasional Rapala or soft plastic.
  2. I actually thought about that the other day. But I didn't know enough about them to know what to buy. I would like to have a gear rod for the times when I want to chuck non-fly items. I've got a few non fly buddies I like to fish with once in a while and it would be fun to play along. But my gear knowledge is almost non existent.
  3. I fish for local Largemouth and like a fairly light spinning rod. The casting rods are more accurate but also tend to be heavier and faster. The size of the fish around here doesn't seem to justify the heavier rod. My favorite is a Shimano Senselite that a gear fishing buddy lets me keep on a more or less permanent loan. It's a 6' Medium for 6-10 lb test line.

    For $69 the TFO looks like a good deal, but you could go to Ted's and get a recommendation on a good rod in your price range.
  4. Six footers :(
  5. and at those prices you're in the cheaper Shimano rods so...
  6. I have been fishing the TFO Gear rods since they first came out and have nothing but good things to say about them. I have been using the signature series bass rods exclusively in tournaments and love them. When not swinging flies with a two hander I use the TFO salmon/steelhead rods. I have been pleased with all the rods. These rods have been developed for TFO by Gary Loomis and manufactured in the same factory that the TFO fly rods come out of.
  7. Dick Sagara gave me some of the first of their salmon/steelhead rods to try out (only series I've tried in their gear rod line). They are by far the best bang for the buck IMHO for gear rods. Outside a couple of my "old reliables" on the gear rod side, I'm slowly swapping them out into TFO rods. I love them to death. Their blanks are lighter for weight rating (comparing the exact TFO to my Lami certified pro it's like night and day difference in size/feel).
  8. Well shit. Thanks a lot. Now I have to go find a TFO rod for my drift fishing rig and see how it hangs with my old, beloved Lami Pro 10'. :p

    On the bright side, my 8'6' drift rod is an old as dirt Berkley, and we ALL know it's so good there is no reason to even look at other rods.
  9. Shimano makes the best line of warm water gear rods in my opinion, you can find something in just about any price range..

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