November Cartoon

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  1. LOL that's great Gene!
  2. I like it!
  4. That is quite funny! Ha!
  5. Very fitting for this time of year
  6. That guide seems to be the one that oversees the success of a lot of my fishing trips! :confused:
  7. I like the caption...."they say the salmon fly hatch on the Styx is a once in a lifetime experience"........
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  8. Whoa! At first glance I thought that might be Luke77.
  9. Good one Gene !!!!
  10. Very nice! I love the monthly humor. You need to publish a book.
  11. There is one. Where it is now is anyone's guess. Many, many moons ago the then publisher of Flytyer magazine did publish a book of my cartoons. It was titled "Fly Fishing Only". I post some of the cartoons from of the book here. They are the B&W ones before I started using two characters.

    It was a piece of crap. Whoever scanned the 'toons for the book did a terrible job. The quality was poor at best. Plus, this is when I found that distribution of books is controlled by a mafia type organization. The book was created as a gift item so it was paramount that it was sold in book stores. It wasn't. The book was sold at fly shops and only at fly shops. I asked book stores why they didn't sell the book and they told me they only sold books distributed by specific distributors. If they did sell books from a source other than those distributors, they would be cut off from selling popular books.

    For whatever reason, the book was never distributed by the guys who control the books sold at book stores.

    Soooo... my cartoon book was never sold through normal channels and you won't find it.

    Because it was sold only at fly shops, the book was a failure. If someone is looking for a gift for a flyfisher, they normally don't go to a fly shop because the number of fly shops are nil compared to the number of book stores. Plus, if a flyfisher saw the book, they'd stand in the shop and look at all the cartoons and then put it back on the shelf.

    The publisher of the book eventually sold the magazine and the stock of the cartoon book to someone, somewhere. I have no idea where the books are kept. Most likely in a warehouse similar to the one in "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

    Over the years, I approached "big name" publishers in hopes of selling a second book, in color, and my collection of flyfishing humor stories. Time and time again, they told me the same thing. They said they had a problem selling flyfishing humor because fly fishers take their sport very seriously and were not prone to buying flyfishing humor.

    Patrick McManus is an exception to the no outdoor humor book rule. But he also had problems selling a collection of his Outdoor Life humor stories to a publisher. Story goes, his book was rejected time and time again until he found a publisher friend who was willing to take a chance on publishing the book. Once it became a best seller, then the other publishers all wanted him to work with them.

    John Troy (my flyfishing cartoonist hero) was published by Nick Lyons Publishing. His books did sell well but this was long ago. I approached Nick Lyons Publishing with my idea for a second book and while they said they liked my cartoons, they were already committed to publishing the books from John Troy.

    Jack Ohman also cracked the nut with his cartoon book "Fear of Fly Fishing" but he was a newspaper cartoonist so he had an inside track.

    Frank Amato wanted me to write/pen a fly tying book along the lines of the very successful "Curtis Creek Manifesto" but I decided I didn't really want to write/pen a knock-off of a book I could never hope to match. There is only one "Curtis Creek Manifesto" and no one will ever come up with anything close to that excellent book.

    If I had a lot of money, which I don't, I'd attempt to published my own book as did Sylvester Nemes and his soft hackle books. Once the book became popular, he had no problem finding a publisher so he no longer relied on using his own money.

    So that's the story. There is a cartoon book of mine somewhere out there but you'll never locate the sucker. Primarily because flyfishers have no sense of humor :)
  12. Now *that's* funny! (not necessarily in a good way)
  13. Alternate caption "Brings a new meaning to the term "dead-drift".
    Nice cartoon, Gene.

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  14. How about;
    Don't forget to tip the guide.

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