Now It's Too Hot

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GAT, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. First it was too cold and rainy, now it's in the 90's... I can't win. Sure, I could go out early but that's when I do the dreaded yard work. Bass don't even like it when it's too hot so trout is out of the question.

    I don't know who's in charge of this weather stuff but they need to get their act together!

    It's probably snowing on The Old Man.:rolleyes:
  2. There was a time when I wouldn't have even considered fishing unless it was warm and pretty. Now I'd rather catch fish and add layers lol. There's something fun about fishing in the rain for me.
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  3. Thank you for bringing me up. It hit 90 today. I stayed in the house with the ceiling fan blowing on me. The heat saps all my energy out of me. And being that I'm 78 I don't have that much anymore.

    I was out driving my ATV trying to catch a cool breeze, but that isn't happening.

    Temps at about 75 are in my warm range. The sun shining on my back at 90 and above isn't happening to me this year. It's so damn hot I don't even want to cook supper. If I end up on any skinny water at this heat I will be spending my time in the water.
  4. Jeez Old Man, if you ain't bitchin about cold weather, you're bitchin about hot weather, Washington fishing license fees, gas prices, or some gal's jugs bein too big!
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  5. OMJ is not happy if he is not bitching.
  6. I didn't start this thread. If you want to jump on somebody, Jump on GAT.

    Besides if I didn't bitch I would blow up. I have to vent somehow.
  7. Went to Anthony today turning on the AC. 10-15 degrees cooler at 7100 feet. ODFW dumped in "trophys" yesterday so it was like fishing in a hatchery. My arm is actually a little sore tonight. I should have quit earlier. Also had the biggest hatch of carpenter ants I have ever seen....So many that I had to keep brushing them off my tube. The rainbows even figured it out and were stuffed, the brookies had ants coming of their mouths. So head for the hills. Right now I have the windows open and the cool wind is coming down off the Elkhorns feeling o so good!
  8. I plowed snow for 4 1/2 months to get here-I'm not complaining.

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  9. That's why Montana fishing licenses are so cheap. Between the heat and cold, you only get to use the license a few days a year. :p
  10. Yes.............But you can fish every day of the year. Most skinny water is open year around.
  11. We I live, I can fish every day of the year for something... even steelhead. When I was younger, I could tolerate the rain, the cold and the heat. I would fish an average of twice a week during the entire year.

    Not so these days and I'm only 62 and not 78. I still waiting for the frigin' Golden Years to show up.

    Well, it's 6:45 and already up to 65. I'll probably piss off the neighbors but I need to cut the devil out of some Rhodis that have decided to block my office window and I'd better get at it now before it becomes too hot to go outside. If you hear an electric hedger, that's just me.
  12. Well it's 65 here where I live also. But it's cloudy out and they are expecting thunder showers. I don't think it's going to get as warm as it did yesterday. Now maybe I'll mow the yard and then water it. I said maybe I would.
  13. Its 66 here in Grayland on the coast already. We'll enjoy one really hot day here before the fog rolls in (probably very hot here Monday, with fog pushing in on Tuesday), cooling things way down. That fog usually shows up on the second really hot day. Then we'll be hearing of temps in the 90's inland, but it will be back down in the 60's here. I'm hoping for that, because the tides are getting to where I like them for paddling in my favorite local estuary. I'd much rather paddle and fish in the fog and overcast, than under a merciless sun.
  14. Yup, a paradise, even if the line is frozen in the guides most of the time.
  15. You all misunderstand Montana. The weather isn't all that bad. I can fish just about every day in the winter time. Not much ice in the guides. If it's storming out I stay home. When the sun comes out it get half way warm in the PM. I don't go to far from home in the winter time. About 15 miles away is maximum. I have a spot on the Beaverhead that will give me a fish or two. I only stay out for a little while. I get my fish fix and I'm happy.

    And it's warming up again, but I got the yard watered. I might just mow it tomorrow. Can't do it all in one day. I have to save a little for each day.
  16. Stillwater fishing, which is my preference these days, can be a real cooker when it's hot. The sun reflects off the lake surface so it is not comfortable in the least. Plus, if the water temp is on the warm side, the fish are not so receptive to flies.
  17. I'm primarily a stillwater flyfisherman too...when the temps are up, and the fish off the bite, it's important to remember the importance of packing along plenty of rehydration beer. Trust me on this....I'm a professional.
  18. I just can't get back into lake fishing. There aren't to many lakes here in my area and the ones that are here are Reservoirs. To big for a float tube. While there are a few small lakes here they all sit at 8000' or above and are loaded with Cutthroat. Plus you need a 4X4 to reach them.

    I prefer Skinny water over lakes. The only reason I fished them in Washington was that the Skinny water was always closed in the spring.
  19. Hot and dusty here. Try riding drag on a string of mules in 90 degree weather, Gene.



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