Nunya Creek

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  1. the snake would look nice as backing for a selfbow!
  2. Nice job. Photos are awesome, too.
  3. Yep
  4. Awesome vid dude. Can you share what type of cameras, and editing programs were used? Are you using dolly's or a rail?
  5. i cannot believe you just steve irwin'd that rattler. your crazy!!! great video!
  6. Hey Nathan, thanks, we shot it on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 on a fluid head tripod, and also a GoPro Hero 3. No dollys or sliders in this one. Joey edited it using Adobe Premiere.
  7. Thanks dude. Great footage and edit. Liked your other videos on Vimeo.For your title shot was that done with "After effects"? I'm just getting into shooting video & editing. I picked up FCP X and Motion 5....getting used to both now. I just need to get out and get some good footage. Here's my Vimeo page, any suggestions would be greatly
    appreciated :)
  8. Hi Nathan. Yes I do my logos with After Effects as well as compose some film shots that require special effects in AE. I like your film company title I think it looks professional!
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  9. Well, we know it's in the Columbia basin. And we know that it's a spring creek because of the fish size and it's running clear this time of year. And because of the size we know it's near a high concentration of springs... That's too much info already for Nunya Creek.

    Great video and pics. As a westy that can't get away much I'm jealous.
  10. there might be certain places that dont need videos shot about it. Great video, nice and all but that's the LAST place on earth I believe i would put ANYTHING on the interwebz about.

    Again, nice vid.
  11. I have to admit that when I saw the headline "Nunya Creek" I was concerned as well. Then I watched the video and was relieved to see it is not THE Nunya Creek...
  12. Nunya creek is wherever you find it! ;)
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