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  1. I'm wondering if any one has any extra oars for a North Fork Outdoors Renegade or knows some where else besides Dave Scadden I can order a pair. I broke one of my oars and ordered a new set of the composite oars 2 months ago and still haven't received them. I'm basically giving up on him. They keep telling me they'll be here next week and I running out of time before I do my trip on the coast. Anything will help. I've been using an oar that is taped together with metal brackets. Thanks.
  2. you might try watermaster (bigskyinflatables.com (1-800-239-raft)) they have caviness oars, they might sell you a set. Or try water strider (waterstrider.com (1-406-375-0251))
    when is your coast trip?
    good luck,
  3. The history, which might make it easier to understand is: We actually designed the oar that Scadden uses about 7-8 years ago with Bruce Bergstrom at Sawyer. A couple years ago Scadden used the word "Carbon Fiber" which apparently increased it's value two fold (lol) although it also stiffened the oar and Sawyer built them for Scadden. Bruce then sold the company and the new owner is difficult to deal with at best. All the contacts we had are gone. Some tried to stay but they ultimately left as well. We have switched to Cataract for now and will design and begin production of our own oar next Fall. You have a few options. You could wait for the ones you have been promised, you could go with another manufacturer such as Cataract or you could call Sawyer direct and see if they would sell to you which I have a feeling they would. There you go. If you go with Cataract I can help you out there. I have 6 1/2' & 7' in stock. Give me a call if you go that route.

    Jim Wheeler
    Spring Creek Prams
  4. if your looking for composite oars check out cataract mini mags, all you would need to do is drill the hole, nrs has them.
  5. Yikes. I would HIGHLY suggest NOT drilling into the oars. Especially if you plan to put any stress on them. Just not a good idea. There are quite a few oarlocks out there, rope wraps and rubber stops which will allow you to fit the oars to your application.
  6. Jim, the boat in question has a single pin oarlock that is designed to go through the oar. The oars from NFO/Sawyer come drilled with holes in two positions. I know of a moderator on the board who drilled a pair of mini-mags as suggested above and they have worked well for him. This in part has to do with the fact that the oarlock is not attached to a rigid frame, but directly to the inflatable boat. I think the small amount of give in the mounting point reduces the stress on the oar considerably.
  7. Hey Rob,

    That makes total sense with them being used on an inflatable of some sort and the flexing of the boat material. Pinning oars was done about 50 years ago or more with wood oars but went out with the advent of leather collars (now rubber stops) in most cases which allowed the oarsman to ship the oars which is not possible with pinned oars. I sure it works just fine....right up to the point where you put a little too much pressure on them or have used them enough to weaken the glass around the holes.

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