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  1. Can you share your inputs on Lamiglas graphite vs savyer mxsg with dynablade oars
  2. Upgrade to the Sawyer SquareTops..you won't regret it.
  3. Derek, Thanks for the advice. I got same suggestion from some other local people that I spoke to.
  4. Picked up some square tops this summer. Worth every cent.
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  5. Ditto.
  6. I got the square tops with the dynalite blades for my drift boat about a month ago, and like them quite a bit.

    However, in addition to those oars, I also have a pair of v-lam square top oars, which are even better if your usage does not require the extra strength of the dynalite blades, such as where the blades might be constantly banging into rocks.

    I also like the shoal cut blades, but they do require a bit more power to move them.
  7. I got sawyer mx with dynelites and love em
  8. I called sawyer directly an they added some discounts on top of that deal
  9. Curious why you guys like the square tops so much.
  10. Comfortable, light, strong, perfect balance, etc. I won't be going back to Cataracts.
  11. Curious about the balance of these oars. Could anyone post a picture of where the squaretop oar balances at?

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