Occupy Skagit Signage

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by miyawaki, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Got a dozen finished today. Now we're getting serious! signs.JPG

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  2. I knew we had the right man for the job!!!
  3. Thank you Leland !!
  4. Since I'm unsure of my ability to attend at this time, someone can take my sign idea

  5. Has any media outlets been contacted/ informed@ all?? Komo,king,Kiro etc..might wanna...
  6. Yes...by several of us with no response yet. Please feel free to contact them though - the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  7. I also conversed with someone on the "inside" today who wishes to remain anonymous. He highly advised against the "mock fishing" that is part of the plan, as that could severely backfire on us. Anything like that, hook or not, that could pull a fish from its own devices is considered fishing, and could be treated as such.

    not sure if local enforcement would give a free pass for this, but I trust this guy's input.
  8. When I called in to the ESPN Outdoor Line show after Curt Kraemer spoke on the air a few weeks ago, and suggested that they could broadcast the show from Rockport this Sat morning, they said they couldn't do that, but they'd be calling Occupy Skagit reps "in the field"...have those reps been identified?
  9. WW talked to the local WDFW officer out of La Conner and although he had some concerns, he did not have any major objections but I will let WW fill in the details.
  10. I figured it hadn't been completely blown off, but it was worth throwing that out there. The person I had spoken with was actually quite concerned about that going on (and he's in such a position that it's worth taking seriously). Hopefully the local WDFW officer's approval is enough.
  11. I talked with the local guy, Rich Phillips, (not sure of his rank) and he said that as long as there are no hooks in the water there will be no problem. Just like there is no problem at all of the casting demonstrations and lessons done on closed water throughout the PNW.

    What they will be on the lookout for is people who may or may not be associated with us taking advantage of the situation and trying to sneak in a little angling. They will be there and probably look at a couple of outfits before they go in the water. I've known Rich for over 20 years...I've seen him write up a guy from National Geographic...He does not play favorites...I pity the fool that tries to do a little fishing up there on Saturday!

    If he lied to me...then I'll get a ticket and get to argue my case in court.
  12. That's cool. Might want to check in with NOAA as well, since they are the overseers of all things listed under ESA. That's where most of the concern lies from my conversation.
  13. Evan, it's going to happen and we will make our point.

  14. Don't worry Jail food is better than it use to be & Skagit county Jail was recently upgraded to reflect modern prison standards!!!!
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  15. Cool! I wasn't aware they knew about us!

    Am I the only one that sees the irony here:
    Contrary to federal law and "The War On Drugs", I can possess pot and smoke it in the privacy of my home and they will ignore me.
    But go out and pretend to fish and they are "concerned".

    If they are truly concerned about wild steelhead maybe they should be concerned that their broad brush approach has the Skagit numbers propping up fisheries on 'Endangered' runs on other streams instead of a few guys practicing their casting, HOOKLESS, over a healthy run.

    Several moons ago I asked a question that went something like this:
    "Cripes-A-Mighty! Who dreams up this shit?"
    Perhaps, I have the answer to that question...
  16. Yes, we'll all get arrested and when we go to court and the judge hears the charge of "fishing with yarn" . . . .

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  17. Fully agree with your stance. I just figured it was worth passing on my discussion.
  18. somehow I don't see any Arrests being made, But if it did happenI would forward to a poker game for toothpicks & cigarettes in the county lock up .
  19. Ha, poker for cigs. I think I know where you played poker betting cigs. Can't do that anymore bennysbuddy, no cigarettes in the county hoscow.
  20. I'm sure they are not happy about what is going on, but niether are we and we are letting them know. If they write me a ticket I'll take it to court, f#@k'em.
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